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pspGod of War: Ghost of Sparta is on the other hand, a real little masterpiece, which surpasses its predecessor beyond all expectations, both in terms of graphics, design and variety of levels , the combat mechanics, or the quality of the narrative. The evolution of a game to game is obvious and apparent particularly in the context of this collection. Kratos, still tormented by visions, sets out to find her lost brother, Deimos. This quest for truth is not particularly happiness of gods and Kratos will face the worst events in this thrilling adventure that will take you to the ends of Atlantis and will keep you in suspense until the very last minute. The fighting followed an even faster unleashed, with the possibility for Kratos to rush on enemies to flatten the ground and hit them before they are complete. They are also more numerous and varied, not to mention the guards you will this time impress. Kratos can ignite his Blades of Chaos, and also equipped arsenal of his faithful Spartan general, namely a spear and a shield. Finally, the underwater sequences are also reinforced in this component, which also has the advantage of providing a longer lifetime than the previous one. Do not be surprised if God of War: Ghost of Sparta appears to you as one of the best in the série.Nous therefore entitled to have a very accomplished collection as a whole. The orchestral soundtrack retransmits brilliantly again and again the greatness of these two mythological epics. Each game offers four difficulty levels and many extras. Presentation of the product would, however, benefited from a little more attention. The housing of the game is not particularly inspiring (in the absence of a dedicated illustration, we will only images of PSP versions), and the game selection menu is limited to a minimum (you will return to the menu PS3 to change the game). Finally, one might have expected to receive the same benefits as those who bought the PSP version of Ghost of Sparta, that is, extra costumes in God of War III. In all cases, the key is still present, and if you missed if only one of these little gems in their initial release, this is a great opportunity to enjoy in the comfort of your living room .god of war
Další dil God of War series is údajně Bliz. Sony is Zatím zdržela komentáře, ale Sony Santa Monica studio projekt chystá předběžně nazvaný pouze "God of War." Vývojářské studio Sony Santa Monica, které vytvořilo zatím poslední dil God of War series, pracuje dalším na dile. Začátkem mesic proběhly spekulace, Ze is Nové pokračování příběhů antického zabijáka Krat chystá a tentokráte s multiplayerem. Spekulace však nebyly oficiálně potvrzeny.
After God of War Collection, which included the first two games released on PS2 and God of War III, this new collection brings together on one disc opus both appeared on PSP, namely God of War: Chains of Olympus God of War : Ghost of Sparta. Both of these titles developed by Ready at Dawn, which help to shed light on some aspects of the dark past of Kratos, remastered in HD and is compatible with stereoscopic 3D technology, and with the system's PlayStation Network trophies. Ghost of Sparta also has the bonus downloadable content for the portable version and an exclusive video of the creators of the series. The transition from small to big screen is very successful in all except maybe a few cutscenes that are not in 3D. Many will be delighted to enjoy for the first time the colossal work of Ready at Dawn.
    Ani tentokráte zpráva nepřišla primary ze Sony jako oficiální Other information. Sony Santa Monica však HLED specialistu pro projekt nazvaný zatím jen God of War. Ve kterém období bude tentokráte Kratos masakrovat nepřátele a monster, is tedy nevi. Kratos is Pokud opravdu v projektu objeví. God of War Ačkoliv bez Krat if LZE jen těžko představit. God of War: Chains of Olympus chronicles the events leading up to the first God of War, when Kratos was still in the service of the gods. The city of Attica is put to fire and sword by the Persian army which has a formidable weapon: a huge basil that strikes terror in the city. Behind this event lies a much darker plot that could lead to literally fall of Olympus. But Kratos is still haunted by visions of his past, and they are much more personal reasons and revenge that will grow to sacrifice everything to stop this machine and save humanity at the same time. With Chains of Olympus, Ready at Dawn has demonstrated its ability to design an episode worthy of the franchise, and there are all elements that have forged the success of the series. Combat is a smooth copy of a powerful dynamic and unprecedented violence. The mini-games of coordination (press the right buttons at the right time to finish your opponents) are always at the rendezvous, and the game also offers you to experience unprecedented powers such as the Solar Shield and Zeus Glove. With hindsight, we can mention, however, that this first episode is relatively short and has a somewhat more limited number of epic battles against guards than usual. Never mind, Chains of Olympus is literally a feat on Sony's portable and deserves just as much a place on the big screen.

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