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 Planetside 2 Guild Wars 2 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Borderlands 2 Quantum Conundrum The Secret World Max Payne 3 Alan Wake Torchlight II Prey 2 Bioshock Infinite Arma 3 Hawken Cartel Grim Dawn Crusader Kings II Wildstar Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Risen 2: Dark Waters Metro: Last Light Command & Conquer: Generals 2 Game of Thrones RPG Firefall Tribes Ascend End Of Nations Far Cry 3 Xenonauts GTA V Hitman: Absolution Spy Party The Witness Syndicate Tomb Raider Warlock: Master Of The Arcane Mechwarrior Online Dragon Commander King Arthur II Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Super Monday Night Combat World Of Warplanes Overgrowth Natural Selection 2 Shadowrun War Of The Roses Aliens: Colonial Marines DOTA 2 Prototype 2 The Darkness 2 X: Rebirth Gratuitous Tank Battles

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