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Bioshock Infinite Release and Download

bioshock infinite releaseBioShock Infinite today and sent along new screenshots of the floating city where the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game is set...Players take on the role of Booker DeWitt, a Pinkerton agent sent to the floating city of Columbia to find and return a naive but powerful young woman named Elizabeth. One of the bigger pieces of information to come out today is how Elizabeth's powers works. While nearly uncontrollable, she can use her powers to open up tears in the fabric of space and time to escape, confuse enemies or to obtain useful weapons or objects.

Similar to the original BioShock, players can take different paths to obtain their goals. Need to take down an airship? Then the player can ride the Skyrails to the ship and take it down from its own deck. Or, the player could get Elizabeth to open up a tear and pull out a weapon capable of bringing down the airship without ever setting foot on it. These kinds of choices will be open throughout the game but players will have to be careful on how often to use Elizabeth. Her powers are not limitless.
BioShock Infinite will be available some time in 2012.When I sit down to see a new live demonstration of BioShock Infinite, I expect to see crazy airships, intense people spouting off both rhetoric and superpowers, and fragile girls protected by hulking automatons. In short, a BioShock game where the oceanic utopia has been inverted to become a nephologic one....With the Electronic Entertainment Expo about two weeks away, studio Irrational Games is offering an early look at what might be one of 2012's video game blockbusters.

Irrational has released three fresh images of BioShock Infinite, available next year for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
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While the first two BioShock titles take place inside the underwater utopia of Rapture, Infinite moves to the sky city of Columbia in 1912.
bioshock infinite release download
The game is being helmed by Ken Levine, creator of the first BioShock game released in 2007.

Scroll down to check out more images of the game.....There's something more frightening in the world than a Big Daddy. BioShock Infinite introduces Songbird, a massive flying metal bird who serves as guardian to Elizabeth, the woman you've vowed to escort off the flying city of Colombia.
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Elizabeth is special. She can create and repair tears in the world, bridging gaps in reality and even opening windows into the future. That's why she's sought by both of Colombia's warring parties -- the Founders and the Vox Populi. She's been guarded by Songbird since she was five. He's not only her warden, but her only friend. It's a complex relationship, one which makes Elizabeth's attempted escape all the more interesting. ..As Booker DeWitt, a washed up Pinkerton forced to take on the impossible task of delivering Elizabeth to New York, your relationship with Elizabeth gets tangled up in her conflicted feelings for Songbird. You're all bravado (after all, you have skill with a gun and can summon a murder of crows to attack your enemies), but Elizabeth knows any promise to destroy Songbird can't be fulfilled. In fact, she tries to convince Booker that if it comes to it, better he kill her than let Songbird take her back to her prison.
It's not just a machine doing its duty; Songbird was designed to feel betrayal if Elizabeth ever escaped. Songbird is like an abusive, jealous husband. And you're the one that stole his only love. You're the one who convinced her she had to run. Songbird is not pleased with you.
bioshock infinite release
About a third of the way through Infinite, Booker and Elizabeth stumble into a curio shop. It's a nice, quiet moment where Elizabeth displays the childish naiveté of a girl who's been stuck in a single room her entire life. The moment of levity is broken by the booming arrival of Songbird landing nearby. The duo scramble for cover as its giant eye appears in a window. A green line shoots out, scanning the room as an ominous sound billows from the beast. Sensing something, the light shifts to yellow. But after a long moment, Songbird pulls away, its metal wings beating a thunder through the skies at it departs.

In BioShock, the Little Sisters were defenseless and at your mercy. Elizabeth is an adult, even though she was sheltered most of her life from the corruption and political turmoil bubbling over in Colombia. And she's not defenseless. She has a persona, she has feelings, expressions, needs, hopes. Songbird isn't just a threat to your life and your mission. He's a danger to Elizabeth -- someone who matters in the world. In a 20 minute E3 demo, that was clear. Elizabeth has more to her than most damsels in distress.
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