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deus exThe most interesting part of the company Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex: Human revolution is opening up in the middle of next year's major action sequences and plot development. Extended beyond the city streets of Detroit Sarif industrial company headquarters. Since the new machinery to increase the protagonist Adam Jensen, you can explore the city with the shifty way of steam and suppliers, furry residents of the street and other undesirable slinking through the shadows of the darkest corners of the city and sewers.

In true tradition of Deus Ex, who is not only revolutionary first-person action game, so sprinkled choose which weapons to use. Exploration of role-playing game style seems to be a big part of the experience. Section of the street is staggering Detroit, filled with all kinds of hidden ways to strategic locations and multiple side missions are only picked up through the interaction of the city residents. There is even a basketball half-court ball and you can pick up and shoot, which I assume co-cheek reference to the tongue Invisible War, and the second of the game Deus Ex. I am very pleased to see how much thought has penetrated to create a virtual space, do not feel normal. Everywhere in the golden light of a conflict of floods and Detroit depression, graffiti tag four-storey apartment building decorated with rusty fire escapes and venous channels criss-cross network of thick wire. Alley between buildings full of garbage bags, leaves and shredded paper plate. Posters plastered telephone poles and brick walls and wine throughout the store windows are covered in the dark advertising. This should be in this world in 2027 and involved help create such a realistic sense of the fact that to compete, you go in the moddable, mechanical arm.

These weapons and your other non-organic components can be upgraded in several ways. Deus Ex to earn experience and level of the network you practice points into a skill or can be amplified (8 months) tree. According to my time to explore the city at night, it seems to use almost everything. Blockade of the walls in some areas can only be removed with the aid of some vents in August jump enhance the chemical gas cloud and the need to pass in August to the safe. Usually, crawlspaces are strong barriers to mobile in August in aid in weight, in the abandoned elevator shaft and it's tough fall, did not survive the Yikaluosi assistance landing system upgrade in August on my way, I'm around these and other options stealth and armor enhancements, so I can focus on the hackers. In the fantasy game I can never bypass the locked chest, and Deus Ex I find it difficult to give up the opportunity to break through the computer terminal security check private email account, open the doors, disable, turn off the laser gates and security cameras .
deus ex invisible war
I did not secretly augs investment, but it seems particularly effective in high-skilled hackers stay up attention. Sewer system is running, most of Detroit's interest to allow access to the basement and other unattended entrance. In the police station, as a goal to pursue several goals, I can enter the ground floor only with a high enough hacking techniques to break through the security door. A sub-goal of a mission I found a hidden side of the arms shipment, and the way I played my last 20 or so armed guards, I found sitting next to a cargo interactions direct sewer cover - indeed prove to pay off exploration . Because of my obsessive type, I hacked just about everything, I can. In some cases, such as police stations and areas inhabited by grumpy street thugs prepare for moving the technology did not appreciate my curiosity. They recognized what I was doing and opened fire, and I pick my way through the surprisingly complex (fun) hacking mini-games.

I try to avoid combat as much as possible. I'm not the kind of player you want to start confusion, noisy gun battle every time someone walked on my screen. However, the temptation to test the boundaries of a virtual world, too strong, so I started shooting people. Almost everyone wandering the streets of Detroit, can be implemented, including the pursuit of the goal. I accidentally killed a corrupt cop, I should talk to a quest, my quest log is marked as failed task. If I did not reinstall my game, I will continue to seek the Section is fully locked.

But I reload my game forward and trying something else. Exploring I found a ladder and jump on a fire escape through a window. Somewhere there is a vendor with a stun gun stocks. I want to buy, but my inventory is full. Eidos Montreal company's decision to maintain the traditional grid-based inventory in the game forced me to make meaningful decisions in the management of the project, first of all, I love it. Ammunition boxes specific to every kind of weapons, grenades, random items, such as beer and whiskey to take up arms with a different number for each model grid space. This means that it can not hold two or three or more are required to carry fire arms and ammunition to them, at least in the beginning of the race not in stock upgrade. I threw the automatic pistol, and took a stun gun, but I can easily swap the 10 mm pistols, revolvers and silencers and ammunition in the annex to support capacity upgrades and combat shotguns rifles. I did not because I can not upgrade to their 10 mm gun ditch. It is the perfect way for me, walking through the corridors to reduce noise squatting, always attached importance to peek around the wall coverings and before heading to the new areas.

I do not want to destroy much of the story of what happened in every task, but most people seem to think that the construction of multi-objective so far no one meaningless run errands. Seem to involve high-risk exploration and penetration, need to navigate past the security and safety systems, like getting into the office and the autopsy room deep in a police station. This is a dangerous world, feelings, and instability, it may turn to total chaos at any moment, for a suitable franchise. I think the company Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex nailed the mood (of course, is due in some part of the electronic music, with amazing), if the early sections of the game is any indication, the human revolution is on the right path..
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