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Rio: Angry Birds Rio angry birds download

angry birds rio
 angry birds rio
The avian wrecking balls have destroyed another milestone, with Angry Birds downloaded an extraordinary 200 million times, makers Rovio Mobile have announced.
The appetite for the enraged birds shows no signs of slowing, as the company also revealed that the free browser-based Angry Birds for Google Chrome Web Store has notched up 6 million downloads in less than a week...The newest version Rio, was a spin off from the film that was in cinemas and stormed to 10 million downloads in as many days, with over 35 million as it stands according to Social Barrel. The game is available free on some platforms and paid on others, such as with Android and iOS. Microsoft recently announced a setback to the game as there will be a one month delay before Rovio Mobile’s mind blowing game is available for Windows Phone 7. It was originally planned to land on WP7 on May 25th.
angry birds chrome rio

The game phenomenon is available on every platform conceivable, including Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox Live, Facebook, Commodore 64, Atari Jaguar and even Symbian*. A Windows Phone 7 version is also being developed, which will be available, after a short delay, by 29 June on Microsoft Marketplace.
angry birds download,angry birds windows
At present, there are three editions of the game: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and the most recent Angry Birds Rio. The film tie-in version has generated a hard-hitting 35 million downloads for Rovio's feathery franchise since its launch in March. Angry Birds continues to amaze as it has now flown over 200 million download mountain. Rovio’s smartphone app is arguably the most popular ever and is showing no signs of letting up as it smashes its way through all kinds of mobile and gaming record books.
Game developer Rovio sent its wildly popular title, Angry Birds, to the Web last week via Google’s Chrome browser. The game has two levels with several stages to play through. The first level features the puzzles from the Angry Birds app, while the second level offers some Chrome-specific challenges and is littered with Chrome logos that give you a bonus when you hit them.
angry birds chrome
rio angry birds download
The gameplay is the same as with all iterations of Angry Birds, though touchscreen users may appreciate the bit of extra control a mouse offers.
The Finnish based app developer recently made the announcement, with the web based browser version of the game on Google chrome quickly getting 6 million downloads, as reported by Cnet. There are currently 3 versions of Angry Birds to play, the original, Seasons and Rio.,,"Angry Birds,” the immensely popular game on mobile phones and gadgets, has made its way to merchandise goods such as T-shirts, Stuff Toys, Stationary, ETC. in the Philippines. But can these "Angry Birds" can use its mind control to make its way to the market for golden eggs for as long as Mickey Mouse ?
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