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Understanding The Super Mario Bros.

As more and more from the moment of conception, the strange and wonderful lexicon of the game has been refined and distilled to all new levels of improbability. Take, for example Bayonetta, a witch, whose only clothing is her hair, fighting legions of angels from heaven, with her hair, or with the heel of automatic weapons while sucking a lollipop magic ... But if we go beyond the history of the game, I wonder if it might be able to find something that fits more closely with our framework of reality? Back to September 13, 1985: the launch of Super Mario Bros, a video game if influential, became the model for thousands of games, and even some genera. A video game that teaches us the vitality and joy of jumping. A set of attribute much of this glorious statement in logic.

High-cut bricks into coins, after wading out to give the invincibility of their sensor, seek gravity-defying question block that rewards curiosity. From the perspective of a game designer these things make sense, but for everyone they are off-the-wall madness.

Well, I'm here to tell you that Super Mario Bros. makes sense. At least it's a bit ', though. It 's all just a matter of context.  More pictures are ambiguous to Western eyes, like the famous Raccoon Suit Super Mario Bros. 3 But Japan is a Tanuki suit - or "Raccoon Dog Suit" - a completely separate animal raccoon that Japanese folklore is a mischievous shape-shifter. More than that, the tanuki are said to cheat merchants to leave disguised as paper money, the leaves, which are the source of their power to shape-shift. This explains why the magazine off, but how to help Mario to float in the wind? Song of the school in Japan to help increase the feeling of new-found ability to Mario, which is translated, goes a bit 'of something like this:

Tan-tan-tanuki's testicles

There is even no wind

But they still go swing-swing-swing ...... tanuki is reputed to have great ... rocks ... and there is an interesting reference to the wind there. I will leave the inner workings of their imaginingsThat Tanuki Suit was clearly reading Eastern Mythos Mario, but there are other readings are equally illuminating. Let's see what happens when you use the historical treatment of political Super Mario Bros. .. Union boss Bowser "more-than-a-tank" koopa plunges the autocratic government of the Mushroom Kingdom. To do this, he casts a spell on its inhabitants, turning them into blocks, weeds, and other doohickeys.

all sounds familiar?

If not, it probably means you're living in the provinces of Russia in 1917. So Len, I mean with the help of Bowser Koopa Troopa his comrades overthrew the tsar and the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnapped the princess, the dictator and install the new system. System, where everything is either a non-descript block, or soldier disputed that run from right to left. See, my son Jimmy - The Soviet Union!
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