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Dragon Age 2 : Download black Emporium

download black emporiumThe Black Emporium is a secret shop in Kirkwall, specializing in magical and exotic items. Its activity is the same of the Wonders of Thedas of Ferelden. It appears only if you have The Black Emporium DLC.  You have to go to the emoporium on the map to get a bunch of the things. Dragon Age 2 is being published by EA, which means you can count on two things: Online Pass integration, and a ton of pre-order bonuses.

Buying the game new nets you The Black Emporium, a market that contains a variety of items to improve or alter your character. Bioware lists a few of the things you can find there A magic item store that has some of the best equipment you’ll find in the game. It’s restocked with better items as you progress through the story  A loyal mabari hound that fights at your side in battle.  The “Mirror of Transformation”. Gaze into it and you can change your very appearance. Hair, eyes, tattoos, and more can be changed with the click of a button. A crafting store which sells powerful unique recipes. Explore the Black Emporium and uncover its strange secrets and lore. Be sure to see its strange proprietor. It should prove most… memorable. The Lion of Orlais Shield – Features two rune slots, a bonus to health and a bonus XP gain. The Fadeshear Sword – Deals additional damage against demons and undead, and improves as you level. you can share Dragon Age 2 The Black Emporium DLC XBOX360-MoNGoLS nfo, May be free download links for Dragon.Age.2.The.Black.Emporium.DLC.XBOX360-MoNGoLS on free hosts like mediafire, Megashares, 2shared, Bitshare, Hidden below Kirkwall is the Black Emporium. This mysterious location contains many strange and powerful magics and items. By visiting the Black Emporium, players will be able to use the Mirror of Transformation and change their appearance. They'll be able to find exclusive magic and and crafting stores. And they'll find a whistle allowing them to summon a powerful Mabari Hound in battle. Cramit, Depositfiles, nfo, screenshots, cracks, serial, keygen, patches, full versions, covers, docs, trainers, hacks, cheat codes, tips and tricks. black emporium, forbidden knowledge, merrill, dragon age wiki, Electronic Arts will release an expanded version of a Russian RPG Dragon Age 2. Brief info about the exciting game, which contains 4 original subject: very long blade "Tenerez" shield "Orlesiansky lion", "Staff Partalana" and "Amulet of the ashes."
 dragon black emporium
In addition, it will go digital addition of "Black Trade Center" - a vague place in Kirkvolle, which preserved the mirror that changes the kind of player, whistle, calling dog fighting mabari, and other rare artifacts. Of course, to visit the "Black Trade Center" will be able to all holders of advanced PC editions, and even those who acquire Dragon Age 2Kratkaya information about the game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.Passage addon "Awakening" - Black Black Swamp wetlands - a grim, lifeless place. Traveling on a lonely path through the trees covered oppressive sense of terror. Swamp motionless, and even birds and animals feel infiltrating air damage and do not dare to approach. Black Swamp was not always so. Once, many years ago, there was a village full of people. Boats and ships were arriving daily in the small port. But one day it all disappeared. Those who ventured to go to the swamp to find out the fate of the villagers found the burned remains and no signs of life. After years in the swamp began to meet strange creatures and mysterious light, which warmed the belief that the Black Marshes settled ghosts, and all who value their lives, should stay away from him. Dragon Age 2 (XBOX360) (Free Zone) Release Date: March 8, 2011
Platform: 360 | PS3 | PC | Mac
Single Player: gameplay modes
Developer: BioWare
Metacritic: Evaluation N / A
-Dragon.Age.2.XBOX360 reprimand
A DVD9 | 7.37 GB |-DMN DRA2
Region: Region Free
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