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It was a little bit more than 20 years ago when a game was born that still is a synonym for a whole gaming genre: The Great Giana Sisters made Jump'n'Run gaming available for home computer users all over the world. In 2009, the blondes finally return – and with that, they make it all the way to Nintendo DS for the first time.

Back in the late 1980's, there was literally no chance to play Jump'n'Run games on home computers like Commodore 64, Amiga or Atari ST. Until 1987, when a small German development team released The Great Giana Sisters.

Their father, Armin Gessert, let them become stars of the genre over night. The Great Giana Sisters was a Jump'n'Run that had everything home computer gamers back then only could experience on video game consoles: A fantastic game world on many different levels, that challenged the players' hand eye coordination skills to their maximum to jump over deep canyons, collect bonuses and succeed when fighting enemies just by jumping on their back.

Now, The Great Giana Sisters are finally back! Publisher dtp entertainment and developer Spellbound Entertainment in co-operation with Bitfield are going to release their new adventure on Nintendo DS in June 2009.

In more than 80 levels, players experience all the great features of the original home computer version, as well as new features, that are kept exclusive for Nintendo DS. Players will have the Nintendo DS microphone as well as the touchpad, for instance.

The Great Giana Sisters' graphics on Nintendo DS both is a redesign as well as reminiscent of the classic game.

The music score of the game is a remix by Fabian del Priore of the original soundtrack, written by famous computer game composer Chris Hülsbeck.

dtp entertainment is going to release The Great Giana Sisters DS for Nintendo DS in June 2009. One night, when little Giana from Milano was fast asleep, she had a nightmare. Giana found herself in a wondrous world with strange creatures, who want to prevent her from going home. Here everything was huge and strange. Giana can only leave this world, if she finds a huge jewel. On the way she can collect diamonds and many extras. Fortunately she is not alone, because her sister Maria has also this dream. The world consists of 33 levels and in the last stage Giana can find the needed gem, to return to her world.      With the target-searching shot (strawberry) you have to be careful! Some monsters "catch" this shot and are not killed by it --- instead the shot comes to rest on the back of the monsters. For this time you cannot shoot again!

    After the strawberry there is an alarm clock, a bomb and a water drop. The alarm clock and bomb are activated by the space key. The alarm clock temporarily stops the time (which is practical, e.g. to jump easily over to bouncing balls), the bomb kills directly all killable monsters on the screen and the water drop makes immune against fire (Be careful: in some versions the water drop doesn't work properly). Alarm clock and bomb have to be collected again after use.

In the game there are hidden WARP-spots. By accident I detected one of them during testing at the beginning of the 3rd level. By jumping against an invisible wall at the beginning of the level I was directly warped into level 6. Another warp stone is in level 8: Destroy on the bridge of the boss enemy directly the first brick above you and jump into the upper left corner. You end up in level 11. he Great Giana Sisters is a platform/action adventure game from Europe. It was published in the 1980s to be an Alternate Company Equivalent - basically, cashing in on Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64 market, since Nintendo never published games outside its consoles.

The Great Giana Sisters is the story of Giana, an innocent little girl from Milan, Italy, who collected rubies and sapphires as a hobby. One night, an evil dragon of nightmares from Dream Land stole all of Giana's jewels and sucked her into his nightmare kingdom, where he set upon her with his army of evil owl minions. Giana (and her sister, Maria, possibly) sets on a quest to re-capture her family jewels.

The original Great Giana Sisters was pulled off the shelves after threats from Nintendo. A sequel was made years later, Great Giana Sisters DS, but released only in Europe. An unofficial sequel, Giana's Return, has also been released.

Like Mario, Giana has a variety of power-ups to help her along her way. Her main ability is transforming from her very Alice in Wonderland-ish normal persona into "Punk Giana" (in the 1980s, a punk rock chick with a crazy mohawk and loads of piercings who shoots bubbles; in the more recent version, into a Goth that shoots fire) which allows her to shoot projectiles to subdue enemies, take another hit and break blocks with her head. She can alter these projectiles by collecting other power-ups which give the projectiles properties like bouncing or homing. Giana can also use convenient vending machines to give her giant bottles of soda which she can spray to break through walls or attack enemies, or bubble gum to allow her to fly provided she doesn't pop the bubble.
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