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Set 300 years after Knights of the old Republic (and with some familiar faces) of the event, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be placed between the Republic and the Empire, players on both sides of large-scale war.
Let's just dive right in this weekend's round up. Official Website Star Wars: The Old Republic told us about the upcoming online game Warzones ...

"Star Wars ™ Warzones: The Old Republic ™ other than the protagonist of the story, players face the exciting player VS player combat specific areas of set-off, in order to give you a more detailed study in each. Different Warzones, We introduce a new game system page Warzones this new page, will allow you to understand each different Warzones, each theater division is accompanied by a brief video shows how the theater looks in the game.

Now look at page Warzones game system, and maintain more Warzones information in the coming weeks to check! "
In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players will explore the rise of Darth Vader's age thousands of years before, when the Old Republic and Sith Empire into the war between the galaxies. Players can choose to play a Jedi, Sith, or a variety of Star Wars "and other classic roles, defining their personal story and determining their path down the light or the forces of the dark side. Along the way, players will befriend courageous companions, They will fight at his side, or may betray them, based on player action, players can also choose to team up with friends, battle enemies and overcome incredible challenges.
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    BioWare has uploaded the first official new "Star Wars": The Old Republic's website, the game delves deep into some of the PVP region is how to work.
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For example, Alderaan map will see three giant laser cannon bombardment of the other troop transport spawn points can be used to control the players compete for the Republic and the Empire. Said fort changed hands several times, during the race may change, but you'll know if you have lost, when your transport from the sky a burning heap.

Old Republic will launch a new happy death movement: Huttball.

    Huttball, two of the "pit", a galaxy different from any other stage in the lethal range to meet! Teams compete for a ball in the center of the stage control. No matter which team has the ball must run through it, or use any means necessary to get the goal line against the team, while fighting the enemy team and avoid a lot of fire, acid and anti-gravity traps, litter the playing field. At the end of the game, the highest score of the team win. As the countdown to release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic continues, BioWare is committed to the introduction of PvP Warzones three page update the official SWTOR website.

These Warzones:

    Voidstar, after an abandoned Imperial attack cruiser style war zone. School's attempt to fight the way to access the ship's core data, and keep the boat against the school, and trying to achieve the core data in order to prevent the other side. Then switch factions, the defenders of an attack.
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    Huttball, in a pit-like setting a high degree of tactical theater stage. Teams compete for a ball in the center of the stage control. The team collected the ball must run it, through it, or use all necessary means to cross the opponent's goal line, but against the enemy team and avoid many of the PC to a speedy end to the life hazard. At the end of the game, the highest score of the team win. In this theater, you can face the teams from the same faction against each other, meaning that Empire and the Empire, the Republic and the Empire with the Republic and the Republic of traditional match-ups are possible.

    Ao Delan, Republic of the laser turret power and control over the battlefield fighting the Empire. More of the turret around you have, you will release the transport ship floating in the enemy's more expensive damage. The PC transfer is a constant source of reinforcements, and destroy them for you to win the game.

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