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Football Manager: defend our colors

On the occasion of Euro 2012 Travian Games organizing a competition cross-country via its online management game Football Manager 2012.
Football Manager 2012 is, as its name suggests, a football management game where you take the direction of a team, select players and train, work out strategies in short, do everything that a real manager would. The set is based on a principle quite common in online games: you fight only opponents of "human" and not have to spend a few minutes each day to move forward, time to give directions and take note of consequences of your previous choices. This may seem a bit basic but trust me, it quickly becomes addicted to this kind of system! Those of us that work and family life takes up so will have no excuse not to put their hands in the dough, or foot ball.
THE big idea of ​​Travian Games has launched a kind of inter-country competition at the approach of Euro 2012. The goals scored by each country within the game are added up until 1 June, and the country with the most time will be devoted to the contest winner. No batch of group course, it would be too expensive, so it will settle for good sportsmanship and remember that what counts, not pay players, this is the show and competition. If you really want a carrot, but please be aware that a parallel contest will win an iPad 3.

Incidentally, France is in fifth position, behind Spain and Germany, so hurry to go and defend our colors!

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