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Medal of Honor about Warfighter

Killing Machine The soldiers have feelings, a family to expect and fear of death. Danger Close in London shows us his new video game, a new Medal of Honor that aims to overcome the mistakes of his predecessor while brings us a new perspective on the war, more authentic, real and intense.
The war is not to be only tough guys, bullets and soldiers demolish. Behind every man there is also motivation, feelings and a family suffering awaits them with the other side of the conflict. This approach, inherited directly from some products in the world of celluloid, like the movie "The Hurt Locker" is one of the starting points for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, a game that never has the easy task of solving the mistakes of his predecessor.

Everything, again, Danger Close as a center of military operations, some developers, but without much experience in the genre (only materialized last Medal of Honor, the last of 2010), have enthusiasm and desire to bring the award-winning series to where it deserves. How to get it? The main recipe is found in his argument, "inspired by real threats and written by the protagonists of the war" as the Americans themselves say.
War more humane

That is, a close and personal look at the current battlefield, which have a common theme in the play: the fight against global terrorist threat. All beside the elite soldiers of the U.S. (specifically, the Tier 1), leaving Afghanistan's main stage-game prior to propose a more global war, with actual operations directly inspired by newspaper clippings.

Authenticity. That's the word that developers are looking to build this "military shooter." And the best evidence we have, indeed, an ex-soldier in that part of the team of Danger Close, full-time advising his fellow writers, and level designers to graphic artists to be no detail overlooked. Only thus can we get this new Medal of Honor is as real as possible, with an argument that, although not perform miracles in the genre, it does give us dares to more elaborate background that we are accustomed, with a main character, Preacher, who will have problems, not just the jam that is automatic.

Long periods of time without seeing their children, broken marriages, memories of everyday life ... Fighting for loved ones is something important in a title where the experience promises more aggressive and energetic. At least that what we said Richard Farrely (Creative Director), who revealed to us that each mission in the plot is related to a story that occurred in the real world.
Particularly in the show that we could live in the "Showcase" every year EA held in London, we have witnessed a mission in Basilan, an island in the southern Philippines. In the midst of a typhoon (which there are quite common), we had to deal with those who will be among our worst enemies in the single player campaign, the Abu Sayyaf, a separatist movement that has taken hostage to government figures.

In short, a crossroads, on the other hand, let us see the main values ​​of the program, a strongly guided by events, doing our very linear progression, the style of the "shooters" of the moment, but at the same time emphasizing its intensity through many events escriptados and a sense of overwhelming fire. In fact, the assault rifle that was presented to us was not the most common, since apart from the traditional to let us shoot through a telescopic sight, and are also empowered to use a second focus for the medium-range shots (something our soldiers getting subtly turning his gun). Versatility taken to a new level.

On the other hand, we encourage comments "in-game" of our companions, supporting immersion in the battle. Descriptions on the position of the enemy group orders and occasional dirty word in each mission will follow, but there will still be something special.
Seeking the identity

Indeed, one of the salient features of Medal of Honor: Warfighter is going to integrate it in statements of its leaders, is "an inclination toward the dynamic tactics of war." An example is the opening of locked doors and barred in besieged buildings of hostilities. Thus, we are about the opportunity to choose between whether to kick the door, using a C4 explosive bomb or launch a blinding. And the best part is that every decision involves a certain result, which will be very interesting to have soul fighter to know what is best done at all times.
A striking introduction, in any case that we hope will be accompanied by a greater number of innovations, because if it is true that Danger Close seems to have learned from some of his mistakes, his new title still sins of wanting to look like (perhaps in excess) to your closest rivals. A search for identity in the Medal of Honor is necessary, and hopefully getting runs as it is one of the best users will appreciate.

At least with respect to the variety of situations, Californians look set to put all eggs in one basket. Without going any further, this "demo" Let's see how the city of Isabela was affected, in real time by a typhoon that we should escape, "in extremis", using a motorboat, where the streets had become mud and a real water circuit.

Getting these dynamic changes in the scenario should not have been exactly simple, but thanks to the engine Frostbite 2 surely the task is made much more enjoyable. Continually, the game offers a feeling that the scene is coming down, not just by the torrential rain scene, but other classic elements like destructible structures (pillars, fences and a wide variety of objects of the set). The engine allows us to obtain video and audio quality enough to emphasize the rhythm of the battle, and even more if we have a PC.

Just do not expect a generational leap you or anything like that. Medal of Honor: Warfighter, in this sense, it offers us nothing we have not seen yet, but we liked the minimalist look of its interface, which just was trying to tell us the number of bullets that was left on the charger.
A script that does not treat soldiers as pieces of meat, a strong intensity in the campaign missions based on real events, new tactics, greater variety of situations, the power of Frostbite 2 ... Several attributes of the new product from EA, but we still have one, and very importantly, its multiplayer aspect. For now, the creators did not want to spill the beans. It is very possible that they are themselves responsible for Danger Close those who are developing, but so far the only data available to us is that we have co (separate from the single player campaign), and an online competitive experience.

In particular, we propose that we control to one of 12 global units available, the best in the world, among which are the British SAS, the KSK Germans, the Polish GROM or Australian SASR. No sign of terrorist forces to fight, considering the multiplayer experience "blue team vs blue team" (good against good) where all that matters is to find out who's best at the controls of the new Medal of Honor.

Atypical proposal for a game that, in general, has not represented the best of the event (we leave that to Crysis 3, of which I speak very soon), but that he has brought some relief to us to see that the series, albeit slowly, getting better results. Probably not assume the jump to all the fans would like to see, but his proposal is no less courageous and quality. Or not you get the medal of honor to boldness and achieving a great experience "shooter" is something we should check in October 2012 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC (with a hypothetical U Wii version also on the horizon) .

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