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Analysis of UEFA EURO 2012

The FIFA series could not miss its date with a tournament as important as the Nations Championship this year, and Electronic Arts has responded by tabling UEFA Euro 2012. The curiosity is that, this time, it is not a standalone game, but a very DLC for FIFA 12. The good thing is that it is much easier and cheaper to do with the game. Not so good is that it is a much less ambitious launch and also somewhat limited.
The license of the great continental and global tournaments are a very juicy incentive to leading companies of video games, and an event like the Euro Nations to be held this summer in Poland and Ukraine could not be an exception. Traditionally these products have been sold separately, such as games with your own packaging and price of the full release, however this time Electronic Arts has chosen to distribute the digital model and UEFA Euro 2012 as a download to FIFA 12.

The game of Euro, therefore, can be achieved in exchange for 19.95 euros or 1,800 Microsoft Points and a price so low, it also brings some cuts as expected. In the past we titles developed by independent studies including those of the FIFA series, which gave to the gaming experience a very pleasant freshness, and also including alternatives were certainly courageous in the ways as the very successful Ultimate Team then . It is not the case as the present one is a remarkable game from the standpoint of fun, but very frankly conventional and low risk.
Europe Gala Dress
To access the UEFA Euro 2012 is sufficient to enter this menu added from own FIFA 12, where the new tab will debut as soon as we downloaded the DLC. Here we have access to the submenu with all options that come with this downloadable content, and expanded in a series modalities, most are very similar to those seen at the time in the game.

The big key program in this field is the way UEFA Euro 2012, which refers to the tournament itself and allows us to play the final stage without major complications. Since this point we note the lack of ambition for Electronic Arts video game that has cut much content and proposals in this regard over the past similar licenses. We recall that in previous titles could take over from the qualifying round, which allowed us to manage the national team that we chose from the start of the tournament: the preparatory phase. We only have access to the 16 nations classified, and we can only begin the dispute of the Euro from the groups.

Now with this change the game leaves a feeling found. On the one hand it's nice to see how seriously that Electronic Arts has taken everything in terms of menus and interfaces present a colorful and elegant stained with the colors of the tournament, however this does not get the feeling of being more than a revised and increased from the cosmetic point of view of something that could compete in FIFA 12 with the Create Tournament and the presence of the national teams.

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