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Human Head Studios talks about the sequel to Rune

A few days ago we started talking about Rune 2 and the artistic sketches published by Human Head Studios on the sequel in which they are working for this classic action.

"Rune game will remain a third-person action with a lot of combat. But the fight is going to evolve," said Ted Halsted, co-founder of Human Head.

"If Rune was an action game in the third person to first person shooter Quake was the next Rune will be closer to modern shooters with fast action and many more tactical options," said the executive. "In addition to the world of Rune has become more savage."

Why has it been so long between the first and second game? "I can not name the companies that were involved, but in early 2000 were in talks with a distributor for Rune 2" he said. "At the time the dealer was absorbed by another distributor and the new head of our distributor did not want to have anything to do with sword and sorcery, as regarded the dead genre, and ended the deal."

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