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Nintendo kept confidential price and release date for Wii at E3 U

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has confirmed to the shareholders of the company will not release details on pricing and release date for Wii at E3 U to be held in Los Angeles in early June.

In the aforementioned great fair game, explained the director, will show "the Wii launch titles of U and other details of the console", but reaffirms the idea that data will not the price of the machine or the exact moment that will go on sale.

Furthermore, Iwata said that Nintendo was looking for the console release in the market with the iconic video games like Wii Sports, which is able to sell millions of units at once showing the virtues of the console. In this sense, one of the great innovations of Nintendo will be precisely that of an event in Japan after E3, a week later for the public-Nippon has the opportunity to try, firsthand, the benefits of Wii U.
Talk about their games and other details, but these key points.

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