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Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

We drove to San Francisco (USA) to become a day Sly Cooper, star of one of the most anticipated returns in this 2012, especially for PS3 owners. Classic platforms, stealth, range of situations and, above all, maintaining the original bases in a game that aims to meet the ever difficult task of satisfying the fans.
Seven years have passed since the last game in the Sly Cooper franchise, one of the most beloved PlayStation. And the expectation it shows. It has grown since the announcement of a new release during the last E3, and the truth is that has not stopped all this time. The best evidence we have had recently with a visit to the Games Sanzaru studies in San Francisco (USA), where in every corridor and corner could breathe a passion for the series to one day create those responsible for Infamous, the U.S. also Sucker Punch.
Now the company is totally engrossed in new projects, and perhaps therein lies the main reason I have left the brand in the hands of Sanzaru Games. It may not be the company with the most sweeping curriculum (based on ports, such as Secret Agent Clank for PS2), but seems to be doing a splendid job with Sly Cooper: Thieves in time.

Of course, being fans of one series of games help, and that's where his interest started to bring the trilogy to an HD format (remember, The Sly Collection) for PS3. That definitely helped them better understand the concept platformer original, which are trying to recover fairly, in this new release, not to disappoint the thousands of fans waiting for this exclusive black beast back from Sony.

SCE therefore had every reason to trust these developers, in whose offices can feel and release the tension of a close (the game hit the market this year). Californians have a big stake, and therefore will not substantially change what he did great in the Sly Cooper games before, but instead will read their best attributes to bring to the current generation, with all the advantages (and difficulties ) involved.
Time thieves

All under an interesting argument that places us (as a sequel to Sly 3) in the role of our beloved raccoon thief to save a mysterious book, the Thievius Raccoonus, whose pages, containing a compendium of techniques belonging to our ancestors thieves are beginning to fade mysteriously. A simple excuse, ultimately, lead to different temporal events and locations, through the time machine that Bentley himself (you know, that turtle so nice on wheelchair) has been commissioned to manufacture.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in time is therefore a title that aims, above all, offer a powerful range of approaches. That's the main reason for dividing the structure into different worlds which in turn enjoy a limited degree of exploration before diving into the different levels it contains. And most interesting is not it, but each phase involves the use of a particular character, which is often between the action Sly Cooper, Murray, Bentley and, above all, the ancestors of our hero, as could be the case Rioichi Cooper (a master chef, inventor of sushi, a gifted samurai).

The humor arises as key, therefore, very balanced in an adventure where as soon we will be exploring the "hub" that interconnects levels (in search of unlockables, why not) before deciding whether to complete one stage or another depending on if we want to handle more than one character or another.
However, there is something even more important than all this, and are those game mechanics. Curiously, in this sense that Sanzoru Games cost him talk about his game as a platform, but in essence this is the genre that best describes the work. Sly Cooper: Thieves in the time do not hesitate to imitate their predecessors, tracing both style and gameplay possibilities. Thus, the game returns to focus on improvement through stealth jumps and many obstacles, from sections that require pure skill to others where we escape the eyes of the enemies that patrol the area.

The combination of ingredients results in a well-known approach-for fans of the series as powerful, and that's very positive. We may not see major innovations, we propose to test the usual dodge lasers, avoid sources of surveillance or steal keys to move forward, but it is surprising how the scheme, typical of the last decade (and even before that, if we apuráis) still works.

This dynamic plataformeras classic aftertaste comes directly inspired by the influences of previous Sly Cooper games. Create HD adaptations definitely helped developers to better understand the dynamics designed by Sucker Punch playable. Now, to imitate someone is not always easy, nor all you do. You have to understand him very well, while adding a fresh and original. Sanzoru Games, fortunately, seems to have understood the latter.

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