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Super Street Fighter IV - 3D Edition 2012

We must recognize that the launch of 3DS does not overflow hits. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition is the ambitious promise of Capcom to give us an accurate and portable version of its popular fighting game. Launched in conjunction with the new Nintendo console, the title has everything it needs to demonstrate its capabilities. Now in the hands of fans as casual gamers, the game does he deliver? Here are some answers.
The passage of a powerful home console to a handheld nascent certainly has not been easy for the Japanese publisher, but Capcom managed a great performance making best use the resources of this new medium that is the 3DS . This applies to both the graphics, for ergonomics and functionality.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D is really fun to watch. Certainly one can not deny that there is less detail on the HD consoles or sets are just sets still and they lose in depth and dynamism. But ultimately the game is the one we know and we love, with its spectacular entertainment and Ultras.

Fluidity is perfectly appointment, and you will gain more by turning off the 3D options that, if she brings her little effect friendly, not at all necessary. The relief effect is quite the appointment but may tire quickly some players ... Immersion is effective but can tire your eyes after two or three fights.

Another new feature worth mentioning: the dynamic view that places the camera behind the shoulder of the fighter. The rendering is quite beautiful but also makes the work particularly confused and asks some handling problems. You will be hard to keep your bearings and you will have all the trouble to get the most simple sequences. So many will give in to the temptation to return fairly quickly to the classic view.

Overall, Capcom is demonstrating what the 3DS is capable, with a result is simply stunning for a handheld console.

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