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Take heart, PlayStation Vita gamers. Gravity Rush -- the heavily-anticipated Vita exclusive from Sony's Studio Japan -- comes out in just over a month (on June 12th, in fact). And while the wait may be excruciating, perhaps some concept art and a new video showing Gravity Rush in its infancy will make you just a little bit happier.

First, look at the video below. It's a "concept movie" that was "created during the early stages of Gravity Rush's development," as explained by the game's art director, Yoshiaki Yamaguchi, onthe PlayStation Blog.  Hi everyone! Gravity Rush launches exclusively on PS Vita on June 12 — not long from now! Today, we’ll be giving you a sneak peek at what’s to come with a new demo which will be available later today on PlayStation Store.

The Gravity Rush demo introduces you to our protagonist, Kat, as she awakens with no memory in the mysterious city of Hekseville. You’ll get a chance to help Kat discover new powers while testing out the game’s unique gravity mechanics which utilize PS Vita’s motion sensors. Then you can explore a bit of the Gravity Rush’s vibrant open world environment and try your hand at defending Kat and the city of Hekseville from an array of attacking Nevi enemies.
Download Gravity Rush

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