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Inversion – RETAIL DVD – FULL – ENG 2012

It was in San Francisco that Namco Bandai has again presented inversion, the shooter in the third person developed by Saber Interactive, the team behind TimeShift. After playing with time, the studio tackles gravity. Hang on to your seats, this game is simply astounding! The last time we saw reversal, it was at gamescom Cologne. We had found a title that incorporates the basics of gameplay of Gears of War (the cover system to body blows to the body) to add a touch of fantasy, playing with gravity. We will play in this shooting game in the third person, taking place in the near future, a cop a bit lost. I must say that it's not every day a war breaks out in the middle of a city with an easily identifiable enemy (though indeed human) making use of a previously unknown technology. In this mayhem very mysterious, David Russell, our hero goes in search of her missing daughter. From the first seconds of play, we discover a way to both punchy and rhythmic. The bullets fuse, our teammates encourage us to hide or instead to progress, in short, you're in the mood in less than two.
Take on the role of a young father and husband, David Russel, who finds himself thrust into war when his peaceful city is invaded by an unknown enemy. With his daughter missing and conventional weapons and tactics all but useless, this ordinary cop and his partner Leo Delgado will rise up to heed the call of duty, master the fundamental forces of gravity and save the world.
We are sitting in a presentation room now to attend the demonstration of a shooter in the third person on a big plasma screen. Two types rather robust take cover and are pressed against a wall, while allowing us to see their rifles, which seems to be equipped with a bayonet blade courbée.Alors that both gus out of their coverage, we face a familiar perspective: a viewfinder just above the right shoulder, and the reticle in the center of the screen. Good enemies are gathering in large numbers. Our guy moves to the edge of a coverage area and a small icon showing a standing jump appears harmless, associated with a small arrow in the center and showing a bubble button A. Our hero makes a real dive to get there, then gets up and opens a door with his big bottes.Beaucoup games are similar, but with regard to the mechanics of basic combat and movement, there is Undoubtedly the game of Saber Interactive looks exactly like Gears of War. Bizarre.
It took me back three times to not call Inception. To believe that the last box of Christopher Nolan eventually creep into every mind, like in the movie. It must also qu'Inversion, the next set of Saber Interactive, also has fun playing with gravity during certain sequences. It is even the main spring of the next title from the creators of TimeShift. First contact with a GST that is not in lace. Oh no. Presented the flag Namco Bandai, Inversion has still long months of development ahead of him, since we were still in the pre-alpha. No way yet to discuss the scenario, even if our interlocutor Russian explains that in a remarkable French staged a vengeful hero and his companion in arms, went in search of her missing daughter while saving a world prey in chaos. Be. Anyway, we know one thing: Inversion is a clone of Gears of War. But a real, huh, that assumes, to small explanatory drawings to accompany the phases of coverage.
Announced last October, inversion had more since then deigned to give us any news. But the baby from Namco Bandai could not stay forever in the shadows! And it was during the gamescom in Cologne that the guy has finally decided to dive into the arena and to undergo the scrutiny of journalists. Friends gamers, here are the minutes of our first contact with this action game in the third person who enjoys torturing the laws of gravity. With stars in their eyes as the little guys Namco Bandai have finally submitted the final production of Saber Interactive, the Russian studio already responsible for a timeshift. Meets the sweet name of inversion, the game we propose to follow the tumultuous journey of Russell Davis, a cop of 28 years for a bit hasty methods which goes in search of her missing daughter when the city was stormed by an unknown force. Accompanied by his neighbor, Leo Delgado, Davis can count on the grappler, an anti-gravity device that can move just about everything and anything.

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