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New York Crimes ateriza and after a Hollywood Monster 2 which was one of the best marks in Video Games and Consoles, Pendulum Studios returns to the fray with a PC adventure game that takes away the hiccups and surprises of a much darker subject matter and mysterious.
New York Crimes is a game that puts us in the shoes of a young man named John Yesterday, a young character who has lost his memory for reasons apparently unknown, but according to your remembrance the events of your life, you see that he was involved in a complex criminal plot.
In New York Crimes, will travel from Paris to Scotland through North America and the news is that not only will control John Yesterday, but we can portray other characters at certain moments in history.
Undoubtedly, the best of everything in New York Crimes is the storyline and script that already has very high limits on the other titles of Pendulum Studios, but once again surprises of its freshness and its twists. Best of all is that in addition to keeping us intrigued and absorbed by the story, some characters will steal the odd laugh thanks to the pervasive mood and nods to other games in the company.
Graphically New York Crimes rare, surprising and enjoyed both ends of the shock is compared to other titles such as Monster or Hollywood Runaway 2, however, as will spending hours of play, enjoy a touch of style "comic" who wanted to give. The talks will be by bullets and animations something static gnash us at first sight. Maybe the animation is as poor in New York Crimes and more tarnished the overall outcome of the game.
The control is simplicity and style to a "tablet" we would expect a port for these devices. In fact, we did a test on the computer downloading the game via streaming to a tablet to see the result and I made sure that the control would be a delight in these devices.
The soundtrack and the voice acting is perfect, so good to hear all the dialogue and even will miss at times in which our characters think. Another major highlight and applaud from our editorial staff.
In short, New York Crimes is a game that meets and exceeds expectations, it is true that we notice a little more "loose" Hollywood Monsters 2, not for your script but rather by the simplicity that lead late in the game . In fact, despite having 3 finals, New York Crimes ends in just 4h-5h, something that makes us be a tad short and wanting more. Yes, the price is a delight so if you love adventure games you can not lose under any circumstances.

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