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Little Big Adventure

You are Twinsen, a young Quetch and you embark on a great journey to deliver your world domination evil Dr. FunFrock. You recently strange dreams in which the legendary goddess Sendell indicates that this tyranny live his last hours and the planet would soon be free. This rumor does not seem to appeal to our dear Dr. FunFrock makes you immediately locked up in a mental asylum. After you have escaped from your cell, you will discover that you are destined to eradicate dictatorship and your mission is to save the world.
The game is 3D isometric view (seen in 3/4 top), based scenes (different rooms or places). The game world is very large, it has in fact eleven different islands and more than 120 scenes to visit. The player controls Twinsen, it exploits its environment in several ways, which can be changed at any time: the normal mode (Twinsen can walk, talk to other characters), athletic mode (Twinsen can run and jump), the mode combat (Twinsen can then fight with bare hands and it will be more aggressive when use a weapon) and the discrete mode (it will move silently and be able to sneak and hide more easily).

Adeline Software Developer
Publisher Electronic Arts
Distributor Electronic Arts
Date 1995
Genre Action
3rd person view
Little Big Adventure series
DOS Compatibility
Platform (s) iPhone | PC | PlayStation 1

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