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minecraft 1.5Minecraft for Android isn't just in the offing, it's happening to Sony's "PlayStation Phone" exclusively.
Minecraft أن يعلن رسميا
Timed exclusivity, that is, meaning it'll eventually go live as expected on other mobiles, including the iPhone, but score one Sony—Minecraft's one of the best puzzle ideas to happen to the PC in ages, even if its creator's occasionally given to quixotic musings.

You've heard of Minecraft, right? The craft-anything Java game for PCs where the world's molded from giant Atari 2600-style 3D cubes? Where you're either building for the sake of building or to defend against wolves, "spider jockeys," and ghoulish ghasts that come looking to pulverize your handiwork at night? Where you can throw together Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, or craft an honest-to-goodness working 16-bit CPU? If you haven't, get thee to the official website and give it more than just an "oh geez, it's all blocky-n-stuff" gander. Fool with it for a bit (the free version, I mean). It doesn't disappoint.
मोबाइल Minecraft
For those in the know, look for special Xperia Play controls that take advantage of the phone's PlayStation-like buttons and touchpad-style thumb inputs. Minecraft developer Mojang's also working to adapt the game to work on smaller screens and appeal to the mobile demographic, which it recognizes has "different attention spans."
მობილური Minecraft minecraft 1.4
No word on a high-def iPad version, but you almost have to assume that's in the cards, too. Also no word on when we'll see it (for any of the mobile versions), but judging from that shot up top, we'll lay hands on it at E3 in a few weeks, and maybe hear about release dates.. tekgoblin  writes "Minecraft has currently sold about 2 million copies and it's still only in beta. However, the developers have just announced that the game will officially launch on 11/11/11. The date 11/11/11 was actually chosen because it falls on the same date as other various game releases, the most notable being  Skyrim."The lesson here: people like to build stuff. In spite of its clunky, last-last-last-gen graphics and status as a non-console game, "Minecraft" continues to be the hottest thing since fire. "Minecraft" developer Mojang's founder Markus Persson posted on his blog earlier this week that the 1 million sales marker was right around the corner for the game, a milestone that was surpassed as of last night, according to

"Minecraft" is one of the more bizarre success stories in the never-dull video game industry. Technically, the game hasn't even had a formal release. The game's Classic mode, which offers restriction-free world-building tools, was first made available in May 2009 and the beta only launched on December 20 of last year, along with a price increase... meaning most of the 1 million sales came during the game's alpha period.

The game has continued to grow in both quality and substance, especially with the introduction of the more structure, game-oriented Beta mode. Players still have access to the world editing tools they get in Classic mode, but resources are limited by both what you can mine and what you can carry. The beta also adds a health bar and enemies to the mix, as players are tasked with building structure capable of protecting them during nightly attacks.

In Persson's blog, he writes that a full, final release can be expected sometime this year. There's no date set just yet, but the Mojang founder reveals that "we've written down major goals that we want to do for 'Minecraft' release." The overarching goal appears to be adding "fun new stuff," with Persson's team of two introducing new elements to the game on a day-to-day basis as they are conceived.

This is a dramatic difference from the highly structured development process you see on marquee releases, with their milestones and deadlines. Of course, "Minecraft" is much simpler in a lot of ways than a high-def, cutscene-heavy action-adventure featuring Hollywood voice talents and an eight- or nine-figure budget. The success of the game stands as proof that those elements aren't necessary in the crafting of a quality interactive experience; a little ingenuity really does go a long way.
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