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plants zombiesPlants vs Zombies has taken pretty much every mobile platform by the bulbs, with a recent DSiWare release and a Windows Phone announcement joining the iOS and Android versions already available.PopCap's leads the iPad's paid game charts this week with a price-dropped Plants vs. Zombies HD, fending off competition from former chart leaders Angry Birds Rio HD and Infinity Blade.

iPad owners can feel the smuggest of the lot today as Plants vs Zombies HD has had its price slashed from £3.99/$6.99 to just £1.19/$1.99 - a massive 70 per cent cut.  Plants vs. Zombies, SimCity Deluxe and Super Stickman Golf currently ranking among the platform's top downloads. Plants Vs. Zombies is such a great game that it should be criminal. It's fun, it's hilarious, it's charming, and did I say it was fun? Whatever your preference may be, whether you're a Diner Dash junkie or addicted to hidden objects games, I strongly encourage you to take this product out for a spin. If you can't find at least something you like, then you may just be a zombie yourself. People that maintain nice, fancy lawns are probably used to dealing with pests. Battling with the occasional gopher hole or ant hill is probably pretty common for them. Some of you more elderly types may even shake your fist and yell at the occasional youth that walks onto your lawn.

What do you do when the undead come roaming across your front yard? You fight them back with plants, of course.
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The undead aren't interested in your lawn, however, they're just using it as a means to get to your house and to your sweet, delicious brain. You must plant all sorts of hostile vegetation to fight them off. I know this all sounds strange, but in due time, you'll become quite skilled at fending off the living dead. plants and zombies, plants zombies, plants vs zombies, plants v zombies, plants vs zombies cheats,  plants vs zombies online free
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