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Popcap Games 2011: PopCap Games and Amazon Appstore‎

popcap games 2011
Amazon knows what mobile gamers want--popular titles and freebies. By inking high-profile studios to exclusive launches, the company has generated plenty of positive buzz around its Appstore and continues to build momentum, especially with its free App of the Day offers. The first being the hugely popular exclusive free download of Rovio's Angry Birds Rio.

So to follow up Amazon's success with its deal with Rovio, the company recently signed an exclusive agreement with casual gaming company PopCap. Chuzzle is the first game to roll out from PopCap and is also the free download of the day. Other PopCap titles will soon follow this month, including Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies--which is slated to arrive to the Appstore towards the end of May and will also be free on launch day, then go back to their standard retail prices after the one-day promotions expire, at $2.99 each. All three games will remain an Amazon exclusive for only two weeks, and then becomes available everywhere else you get your Android fix from. Amazon launched its standalone Android Appstore  with a bang, offering an exclusive download of Angry Birds Rio. Mobile gamers love addictive, casual games and they love freebies — and Amazon knows it. By inking high-profile studios to exclusive launches, the company has generated plenty of buzz around its Appstore and continued building momentum with additional free apps and games.

So what does Amazon do to follow up the Appstore’s success with Rio? Why, it signs casual gaming gods PopCap to an exclusive agreement, of course. The first installment has arrived, with Chuzzle popping up as the free download of the day (it’s normally priced at $2.99). Other PopCap titles will follow in short order, including Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies — which will arrive in the Appstore on May 30, 2011 and be free on launch day. PVZ will remain an Amazon exclusive for two weeks and is sure to attract another wave of new users to its Appstore.
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Amazon is no doubt hoping that all the interest built around its Appstore will pay off big time once its family of Android tablets is finally unveiled later this year. Rumors continue to circulate following head honcho Jeff Bezos’ “stay tuned” statement, and there’s now word that Amazon may be the first to introduce an Android tablet using Nvidia’s quad core Kal El chip. That chip would power the company’s 10-inch tablet, while the paperback-sized 6-inch model would be a more standard-issue dual-core Tegra 2. Estimates have the larger slate as launching at around $400, the smaller at $200 — some time later this year...Yesterday PopCap, maker of many popular casual games, announced that they'll be bringing two of their titles (Chuzzle and Plants vs Zombies) to the Amazon Appstore. In both cases the titles will be a featured free "app-of-the-day" for a day and will then be offered for $2.99 each. In fact, Chuzzle is the free app for today, so make sure you visit the Appstore and get your copy!

This announcement is significant for a couple of reasons. First, this will be the first time Popcap Games have been released on Android; good news for both Android-owning gamers and anyone who wants to see the platform thrive.

Second, this is another coup of sorts for Amazon. Both games will be Amazon exclusives for the first two weeks of availability. This is similar to the deal Amazon had with the Android release of Angry Birds Rio when the Appstore first launched. While I'm not sure how many Android gamers are clamoring to get their hands onChuzzle, Plants vs Zombies is a hugely popular title available on many platforms; it's bound to prompt a few gamers to install the Amazon Appstore app on their Android device.

It's not much of a secret that Amazon is developing it's own Android tablet, or perhaps even tablets. Boy Genius Report claims to have some insider info that says there'll be an 'entry level' device codenamed "Coyote" and running on Nvidia's dual-core Tegra 2 chip (the same chip powering the Xoom and a bunch of other current Android tablets), and a more powerful tablet, codenamed "Hollywood" that'll be running on Nvidia's upcoming quad-core chip, which itself is codenamed Kal-El (for the non-nerds out there, that's Superman's birth name). BGR says both tablets will ship in 2011. I'll be surprised if we see any Kal-El devices out before the end of the year, given how long it took Tegra - powered devices to get to market, but we'll see.
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