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Fable 3: Fable for xbox 360

fable xbox 360Fable III   While Lionhead Studios may be at the forefront of Microsoft Game Studios’ research and development initiatives, the number of retail products delivered by the studio is surprisingly low. On the current-generation the entire output of the UK studio results in just one series: Fable. 2008’s critically acclaimed   Fable II pushed forward the boundaries of modern videogame adventuring in a number of ways, but since then the experiences offered by story-driven videogames have received a number of contemporary overhauls. In order to prove the validity of their pioneering reputation, Fable  III would need to deliver more than just an enjoyable romp through the world of Albion and a  handful of British celebrity cameos. Of course, Fable  III has been available on Xbox 360 for some seven odd months now, and so much of its audience will have already experienced the revolution taking place in the land of Albion. The PC edition of Fable  III does add to the experience, but only a little, so it’s unlikely that anyone who has already invested 20-or-more   Electronic Theatre Imagehours into the Xbox 360 release will adopt the PC version also, especially when the downloadable content (DLC) already available on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace is yet to be dated for Games for Windows – LIVE or Steam. Those experiencing Albion for the first time however, would surely be best to opt for the PC version of the game should they have a system capable enough to run it at high specification, as the additional options for  stereoscopic 3D capability and an increased difficulty setting are certainly welcome.
When beginning Fable III’s tutorial is taught to the player as the plot is established. Within minutes, players are cast as a young prince in a believably eccentric world, conducting their days free of responsibility and pressure. However, things take a sudden change for the worse when confronting your brother, currently ruling the land with an iron fist. A choice that would push anyone to the brink of their sanity begins you on a path to a new future, a path to revolution...Fable  III is a gentler game than that of its inspiration, offering a closer guiding hand than any The Legend of Zelda title and a much easier combat arrangement than   Alone in the Dark. It’s a game that is designed to be completed, and even with the newly devised tougher difficulty setting, it’s still no more challenging than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was back in it’s day. There is vastly more intrigue than the average competitor and more than enough alternate activities to distract you from the main quest line, but those wanting to face-off against challenging, intelligent fantasy creatures will find few truly rewarding moments.

            The PC version of Fable III, when run at its highest specification, is superior to the Xbox 360 version to a certain degree. Largely unnoticeable to the untrained-eye, the higher resolution backdrops and action-figure like character models do present a slightly crisper portrait of the world of Albion...Right on schedule, Fable III has been released for the PC and is available via retailers or digital download via Games for Windows Marketplace and Steam. There's been a lot of varied opinions on this new RPG from Lionhead Studios so you may want to watch those reviews closely. Here's the official launch verbage:
fable iii gameplay
fable, fable iii pc, fable three, for xbox 360, fable iii, fable 3, fable 3 gameplay  For PC fans, the journey of a lifetime starts today as Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios proudly announce the launch of “Fable III” for Windows, available May 17,2011, digitally through Games for Windows Marketplace and Steam, and at retailers across North America for $49.99 USD.

    Storytelling comes to life as “Fable III” for Windows puts gamers in an epic journey that will see them rise from revolutionary to ruler and beyond. Action- adventure seeking fans can expect the same great content found in the Xbox 360 version, such as a sleek 3-D interface and world map that comes to life before their eyes; dynamic single-player and cooperative modes; and characters voiced by Hollywood’s brightest stars, including John Cleese, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, and Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley – all wrapped up in a riveting narrative that will test the boundaries of morality.

    The Windows version of “Fable III” comes packed with extra goodies for PC fans, including the addition of a new and more challenging “Hardcore” mode, all in-game content and quests from the Xbox 360 Limited Collector’s Edition, full 3-D functionality*, and access to both “Fable III” game add-ons, “Traitors Keep” and “Understone Quest Pack.”...

The game, designed by Peter Molyneux and Josh Atkins, will center around the player’s attempt to overthrow the king of Albion by creating alliances and forming support for a revolution. If the revolt is successful, the player becomes the king and has an option to lead the country in whichever way he wants.

Traditional Fable concepts like morphing, where the player's weapon changes depending on the scenario, will be upgraded. Through every mission the player’s weapons will also level, making it sharper and more lethal. “Extreme Emote”, where the hero can show his true nature by sprouting angelic or demonic wings out of his back, has also been updated.

Fable III comes with different downloadable content which will range from dyes to extra hairstyles. The player will require paying separately to unlock them in the game.

The game has received positive ranking. GameRankings designated a score of 80.49 per cent, while IGN gave it an 8.5/10. Fable III was initially criticized because of its slow start, lack of originality and glitches.
fable iii gameplay
fable, fable iii pc, fable three, for xbox 360, fable iii, fable 3, fable 3 gameplay
Lionhead, in a statement, announced that it is working on patches to fix these problems. The PC version of the game will cost $49.99...Well, as per usual, that depends on you. As I said, this is still Fable III which means it's as divisive as ever. It's a casual action-RPG that leans very heavily towards 'casual': there's no death penalty, and while there's a lot to do, there's not a lot of depth to any of it. To some, this won't matter – once you get past the appallingly slow opening sections there's a lot of fun in buying up property, making royal decisions, and completing some well-written and genuinely amusing quests (with most major characters voiced by the cream of British celebrity-dom). It's a game that's very, very easy to sink hours into when you meant to just hop in for a few minutes.

fable, fable iii pc, fable three, for xbox 360, fable iii, fable 3, fable 3 gameplay
On the other hand, it's not a hard game and it certainly substitutes depth for breadth. There's a lot to do, but none of it's particularly engaging, and this will doubtless turn some off. If this doesn't faze you, and you simply want to venture into a well-defined and amusing fantasy world and mess about with it to see what happens, you'll have a great time. If you're interested, then don't be put off by the conversion.
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