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Street Fighter X Tekken Video Reviews

Let us know if your YouTube frame-by-framing bears fruit! Capcom is teasing two more characters for Street Fighter X Tekken with this silhouette movie. Watch and see if you notice anything.Here are freeze frames from the video. The girl with the long blonde ponytail and green leotard scream Cammy. The second character is more ambiguous, but the gloves and jacket suggest Lee Chaolan may be the other character. Whoever these two may be they’ll join Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Guile, and Abel from the Street Fighter  plus Kazuya, Nina, King, Craig, and Bob from Tekken in Street Fighter X Tekken. As we move closer to seeing Capcom’s most famous fighting series take on its Namco Bandai counterpart, some new trailers have been let loose.

This first one mostly features CG video clips of the characters romping around, busting each other up, and speaking Japanese with English subtitles (at least in the beginning). No gameplay shown just yet. While it’s not specifically known what will happen in the story of this game (as if people play fighters for their stories, but anyway), this one seems to paint the Tekken characters as the “bad guys.” The best part is clearly when they get punched in the face, and their faces crack and explode, only to reveal another face underneath it, which looks exactly the same. God bless video games.

This one’s much longer and features real gameplay, starting with a match between Ryu and Kazuya, a rivalry also promoted in lots of screens and the above trailer.In a financial report put out by Capcom, they detailed not only their sales expectations, but also their release window for the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken, which will be released during this current fiscal year. In other words, before the end of March, 2012.

They also voiced their expectation for the game to sell more than 2 million copies, which is around what Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds has shipped so far. Capcom also noted that they plan to "increase the number of home video games with DLC," as well as "provide downloadable content for all major titles for home video consoles."

It's hardly a stretch to assume that Street Fighter x Tekken falls under the "major title" category, and as such consumers can expect it to get DLC much like Super Street Fighter IV and, more notably, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have gotten.
street fighter x tekken
Street Fighter x Tekken was revealed to be in development back at last year's Comic-Con in August, and the first official trailers, featuring five characters from each side, was shown at this year's Captivate, which took place back in April.
identity of the Street Fighter character isn't the hardest thing to deduce, but there appears to be another character shown in brief flashes -- someone Siliconera  identifies as Tekken's Lee Chaolan.

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