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E3 live 2011: Nintendo, Sony, Xbox and many More

e3 live 2011tomb raider e3E3, has come and gone. E3 is essentially a big "coming soon" event. It tantalizes, we will eventually prove that next year, with the hot new trailer to see our great game. Here are the top ten in the E3 Mania prove this week.Nintendo Wii uranium, Assassin's Creed's Revelation, Mass Effect 3 trailers list of Star Wars Old Republic, overrides, Tomb Raider, 3 Uncharted: Drakes deception, Halo 3: The Awakening, saints row third BioShock Unlimited
Mass Effect 3 is there any other possible title challenge number one spot? Mass Effect 3 may be the all time one of the most eagerly anticipated games, never mind the year. A few games to capture the audience's Mass Effect franchise, its players will be defending champion bloody battle in the end. Chris Morgan Shadowlocked already own Mass Effect 3 in confusion wondering, so one can only hope that the trailer can begin on how education is to make the last chapter. Assassin's Creed shock revelation; excited; temptation; suspense; exciting - all the feelings I experience from watching this trailer. It has a lot to live up to, but no one worried about it? I am of course not, Hitman pardon I can be honest with you -. I never really care about the killer game. Of course they are happy - and is a pure representative of the initial idea - but it's just not me. No, I'm more comfortable with Sam Fisher and Master Chief so I like the company, so the derailment of 47 agents and eventually passed me. However, I did not enter the Killer: Blood Money - the latest in the series - the large, so I think over the years, I may have missed the opportunity. Unfortunately, I am, this trailer confirmed.

Although impressed, I still do not know how to use it. Staging will be at a loss tied the game? Women know what that is? Where is all this end? One can only hope that this title began to address these issues. , Halo 4, Sony and Microsoft continue to struggle first is' what to do and I can do better, work order. Although the debate sometimes becomes personal (see forum for any fan of the console), on the whole this is a win-win game.

Clearer images; Tolkien, it is the story line, large-scale multi-player features - the 21st century the standard features of the game, thank you - no doubt - it is almost childish fight.
Back in the day, however, it is Microsoft who has the final battle with the infamous introduction of an early lead now: combat evolved. Franchise - the trend for all future FPS - is so successful, spawned two sequels, three spin-off and endless hype surrounding the film adaptation. In addition, it is believed more than 40 million games have been sold a certain glow, and all the Halo merchandise is considered to be box office revenues of more than 20 billion dollars. ,
Fam 3 as long as it is very painful I did, I knew I nailed on the cross, if I want to leave kept secret from the list 3;, I think the console preferences aside, as the game looks like a hell. Users with unparalleled freedom of gripping storyline, unknown third is sure to continue its successful first two batches. Together with some decline in the graphics and voice talents split, one must acknowledge that this is one for Microsoft and Xbox 360 users to a big loss. Games such as the fortress, a good action RPG, with a voice-over description of your program of action, whether boss or random kill every one in sight to pieces. Or dead island, caught a few months ago, an emotional manipulation of the trailer, the actual game did not reveal the industry's attention. For the record: The game looks nothing like the trailer, but it looks pretty good.
assassin's creed e3

Then there are also losers: big companies will never be raised or fully supported by the big name of the game, or override, from the novelty of new weapons, intellectual property experts, such as tours, challenges almost every assumption we have more than online Games people play the game of insomnia, or extreme skiing, the long-awaited EA's new franchise superb ski, or Lehman's origin, then the cute game, it makes Ubisoft's press conference is worth almost most of the boring attention. But the best, worst, most surprising E3 games listed here, a product that will delight and frustrate you to debris over the past year. E3 2011 exhibition site, halo 4 E3 show, Microsoft's E3 2011, E3, 2011

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