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redbox kioskAs promised earlier , the red box kiosks launched its game rental service (which in some areas for some time in the test). Although today is the official release date, few games have shown a kiosk is available in my area yesterday. Recently, my office machine twelve specific cross-platform games (seven unique titles). I hope this is just a "start selection" and will provide a wider variety of fast, but I think the slot is limited. Games are added to the existing kiosks, from what I can tell.

Cost is $ 2.00 per night, plus tax (if applicable) (13 cents in my area). My players and my friends have been discussing whether this is a good deal. It seems it can be very fast, we decided to add most of it is a good price "paid demonstration." In other words, if we consider buying a game, we can rent one night, then decided to fence is If we want to buy it or not.

I think if I intend to write the service, I'd better try, I have the perfect game to do it with. Notorious, 15 years in the making (sort) the title Duke Nukem Forever out this week, it became horrible comments, most of which is how the offensive game. I will not buy this title, but have to admit I was curious (because the "train wreck" kind of way). I think 200 is worth it to see how bad the game.

If, like me, you never used the red box, where the work. You can stand before a kiosk to find out you want to rent, you can keep the title through their website. I do the latter, once I went to the store I just brush my credit card and then the game popped up a few seconds. Just the game disc, no extras.

A typical new AAA console games new retail price of $ 60. According to a post on Kotaku, if you rent the game from the red box, and for 30 days, you can keep the game. This is an interesting point of view, if you are ordinary people who pay the full price of the new game. Rather than department stores or Gamestop to a trip, you can simply click the red box at the local supermarket kiosks. If it turns out, the game is no good, or just very short, you put it back early and save some money.
redbox games
The only drawback is that many games now, including some in the box to unlock game features like code. They do so in order to maximize the attractiveness of the rental game; code only once. In general, you can buy 10 per access to the locked content. If you rent a red box of 30, rather than just buy a day game, you will not get access to the code. I've been told (but not yet confirmed) 30 days after the red box will send you a box and manual (probably unlock code), but you still have not done for a month. Starting today, consumers can rent video games in the 21,000 national pavilions from the red box.

For the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games will provide $ 2 a day.

According to the news release from the red box, such as Los Angeles-Noire, Brink game, Call of Duty: Black Action, Duke Nukem Forever, the infamous 2, just dance 2 and Red Faction: Armageddon will be used for rental. Brink (PS3, X360)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3, X360, Wii game)
Duke Nukem Forever (PS3, X360)
Family Party: 90 (Wii game) classic games
Notorious 2 (PS3)
Just dance 2 (Wii game)
LA Noire (PS3)
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: Video Game (X360, Wii game)
Michael Jackson: The Experience (Wii)
Red Faction: Armageddon (PS3, X360)
Rio de Janeiro (Wii)
ransformers: Moon's dark (PS3, X360, Wii game)
You do not know Jack (X360)
redbox kiosk free
       Movie and game enthusiasts can visit or free red box iPhone (R) applications, to retain the name of their choice and choose the location of their choice. "The U.S. goal is to present the film to allow consumers to get the latest DVD, Blu-ray Disc and today's top video game choices, said:" Mitch Lowe, CEO, red box. "Red Box is now the United States one-stop entertainment shop." Red box, in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois-based, said that each kiosk will have 22 to 28 games, and up to 200 movies.

The service started in 2003 as a grocery and vending machine movie machine, a fifth-largest DVD rental company, from 2007 revenue. Service stations to carry games 3, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 game. The company will provide the scope as popular recently released Call of Duty title: Black Ops, Duke Nuken forever, Los Angeles Noire, just dance and Michael Jackson 2: experience, and so on. The game costs about $ 2 a day (plus tax in California) for rent. Blu-ray and regular DVD movies cost $ 1.50 for $ 1. Red Box DVD rental company to become the fifth largest by 2007 revenues, but the company's operating margin fell to 14%, mainly because of weakness in the movie rental (from 17.6%) - According to the Associated Press.

I rented the game in the past the red box, which is a pleasant experience. My wife and I rented the Wii's brink, and $ 2 a night, this is cheap entertainment. Looked brand new disc, no problem, it played on the Wii. There is a title for all three platforms are available from the Call of Duty: black action to Mortal Kombat to the party's 90 greatest games. $ 2 per day, you can hire any position you choose the red box video games. The huge bomb, if you have any self-standing on the left side of a large area. Three days they charge close to $ 12. Red box originally published pilot areas as well as video game rentals in Austin, Texas and Orlando, Florida on DVD. According to the red box video games are now available at all DVD rental kiosks 21,000 available. For those not familiar with the red box, the company's main focus is through vending machines and video gaming DVD rental service. Pavilion is red, like a box, in front of and inside the fast food chains, drug stores, grocery stores, even on college campuses to find. The company's initial launch of the DVD with the game, select the market rent rental - Austin, Texas, Florida, Orlando and Reno, Nevada to name a few. Now they have decided to put all the games in their DVD rental kiosks 21,000 available. For without the knowledge of the red box is not a traditional rental stores. There are no shops or staff, but you access a vending machine for your daily rental fee movie / game. If the past 15 days of competition, they charged the full retail price.

I think this is a very good idea. It can access the new version of the title for those of us who do not want to visit brick and mortar retail chains and do not buy every new version. Can they, like Netflix's competition, a large work? Honestly, probably not, but I am very pleased to have more choices.

How do you get access to your games? You rent from a traditional video store? You subscribe to something like GameFly? Or do you buy the new version of your game? Let us know in the comments, it certainly is a diverse discussion.

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