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Medal of Honor 
the witcher 2: assassins of kings
Steam is to break the topic of the summer sales. Special summer sale starting today and will run through July 10. Here are some from today's "daily special" prominent

 1   Forgotten GOTY Edition $ 6.80
 2   Medal of Honor (the last) of $ 10.19
 3  Frontier GOTY 7.5 美元
 4  The Witcher 2  for $ 33.49

Steam sales are hot. Together with other people. All great games, this is only the first day, folks.Steam "Summer Sales" Starting today, ending July 10 As they have done with their holiday sales, the valve has prepared a special race number. Steam for specific achievements in certain games, and get a Grand Prix to their entry. What is a Grand Prix? 100 people will receive the steam collection of 10 games. This is clear if you do not wish you had. You can also exchange tickets for some games, DLC and other special content (from the completion of the concrete results, which is to require valve "summer camp" was). So, July 4th is coming. Stay inside, break the air-conditioning, access to the Diet Coke, and that the largest credit card from the steam PC games. This is what I would do anyway. PC gamers, shield your wallet - and your data cap - online game retailers just beginning to steam for sale in summer.

Steam summer sales discounts in the game industry notorious, and in 75-90%, much lower than its normal price of the price of the game.

Steam sales of big events - it seems that if a person is patient enough to avoid any pay full price! - And today's launch of summer sales is perhaps the biggest yet. This is a treasure hunt and Christmas sales in December 2010 an interesting fusion, games sold together with the specific goal to complete the huge packaging for the "camp" goodies return. Steam struggling, PC server is the world record of 7:00 in the morning.

Steam offers game set, including their downloadable content, in the "package." These packages will be cheaper in the sales, but there are also to be had day to day transactions. (Protip: packages tend to go down in price the last day of sales, but the barrier of transactions every day, and you can trade in these games will never be cheap.) Today's offer includes annihilation (annual version of the game), ownerless, and in the wizard 2. Package contains a complete collection of The Sims 3, including the portal 2 complete collection of Valve games. If you have a savings account maintained in the case of a rainy day, now is a good time to cut off your access.

Steam, Valve Software runs digital distribution service - folks, but behind the Half Life series, and the recent Free Team Fortress 2 - is the type to buy hand-the most popular PC games without the physical target box. This is evil. Evil! The Witcher 2

Steam not only provides a regular basis, an irresistible deal, the service also launched sales of these large intervals. The new "steam Summer Sale" is expected to become the most wallet punishment, however, as not only is this shaman 2 and Medal of Honor winner has recently been greatly reduced, but the games will score you tickets, then you can to win more games. Daily tickets for the challenges of change, so do the transaction. The Witcher 2
Medal of Honormedal of honour

In short, the computer game fans, get ready for their own steam, until July 10, when sales merciful end your life.

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