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We have bad news for racing fans, "Forza Motorsport". Dan Greenwalt, head sadly Turn 10 announced that the newest part of the Porsche brand has been removed. Previously, the German car brand to appear in the game under contract with the company Electronic Arts, having an exclusive license. Unfortunately, for some unexplainable reason EA blocked the emergence of the "Forza Motorsport 4" car company Porsche. The game will be only the RUF (the car tuned), but not the same Porsche.
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"Forza Motorsport 3" offering players up to 35 different models of the German brand. Greenwalt explains that in the new version was planned to put the racing even more. The authors particularly wanted to use this car brand new mode Autovista.

Greenwalt hopes that Porsche will return to the series, "Forza Motorsport 4". The gravy is the excellent use of Kinect integration. Imagine Minority Report in Kwit Fit and you’re somewhere to conjuring up the capabilities of Forza’s latest and greatest brainwave. The all-new Autovista acts as an interactive showroom for you to check out an array of supercars in stunning hi-def detail. Move your body to the right and you walk around the car, lift your hand to check under the bonnet and do a little sashay to take a look at the interior – it’s all done to an incredibly high standard that will have car lovers (virtually) staining the leather seats with excitement. But that’s not all, Kinect also allows you to navigate game menus using just your voice and you can even control a car by placing your hands at two-and-ten in front of the telly. You’ll find that you’re actually filling in these checkboxes as you go through the main career mode, but if you’re the masochistic type then you can work your way through these assuming your garage is extensive enough.  It’s not recommended – the treats aren’t really worth the labour and it’s a rather unfulfilling experience – instead we’d suggest you simply vary your career choices.

The remainder of the user interface, though, is a delight.  Simple side menus expand and retract as required, letting you drill down deeply without ever losing your place. This is especially useful when you start to delve into the game’s Rivals mode, which offers a massive array of game types and challenges for the single player – except that instead of battling AI, you’re competiting against the best (and worst) Forza players on the web.

Our time with Rivals was unfortunately comparatively limited, but it shows huge potential.  From a monthly Community section through to events based on Top Gear and Autocross (complete with cones and barriers), each area houses multiple subsections and each of these has its own leaderboard. The game will pick a rival based on your current skill, but you’re free to choose anyone from the high score tables to compete against.

It works well, not least because you can immediately see your rival’s ghosts out on the track, and whilst some events limit your car, class and tuning abilities it’s the ones where you’re given free reign (within some boundaries, of course) to pick and choose a vehicle and then modify it to suit that will see the most play from us. Time spent with the huge array of parts, sliders and settings just as important as your prowess on the track.

Naturally, Rivals mode also extends to your friends – expect Autolog like alerts when your mates better your times, and a simple button press is enough to jump directly to that particular event and try to win back your crown.

Other tweaks to the way the single player is laid out include new race types – the multiple class events are great fun – and the ability to choose between a selection of themed cars after you reach each level rank rather than just one. There’s no way to effectively compare the cars during the selection process, but it’s stil much better than just being given a car that you might not really want.

Of course, the game plays and feels better if you’ve got the new Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel in your hands but it’s innovations like the Kinect enhancements that make Forza 4 such a joy to play. Offering gamers a variety of playing options and throwing everything but the Robin Reliant into the mix and wrapping it up in a silkily smooth frame-rated package, we fear that FM4 is nigh-on unbeatable in the racing game field. All others take note, the bar has been raised once again. At the same time apologized to all the players who thought that they will have the opportunity to ride with these sports cars, but will not be granted them. The sound of the car resonates loudly, the driver is looking forward to the green light and rushed, leaving behind a trail of smoke before putting on the first turns of the circuit. But pilot error causes the car off the road.

No matter, since it is 4 Forza Motorsport on Xbox, just the player to press a button, and back to the time of his error, then try again.

This feature is also found on the Forza 3, but the latest version of the franchise, which will be available October 12 in America and two days later in the rest of the world, has many innovations that the latest version does not have.

Thus, the compatibility with the Microsoft Kinect, a motion sensor that lets you play without a controller, adds a whole new dimension to Forza 4. In fact, the new racing game becomes more of a learning and fun than simply driving.

A handful of journalists from around the world were invited to the unveiling of the latest details. Brian Ekberg, the spokesman for Turn 10, the game design company, said the new issues: expand customer gamer's genre, and offer an unparalleled interactive experience to date whilst allowing players to learn on cars.
But Forza 4 has also kept the community that allowed it to stand out from its rivals. With this new version, it is now possible to join a car club, allowing to share your collection with other club members.
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You can also to challenge all players, since race will now take place offline, the player trying to beat the time recorded by a friend, or another member of the club. His commentary can be heard in the garage of the game. Also there will be some challenges in the game are related to Top Gear, this will be more details later Tun10 developer release.

It's not the first time that Top Gear's name connects to a game. Forza Motorsports biggest rival, the PlayStation 3 game Gran Turismo 5, had also been working with the series. Such is the famous test track from the popular British series of the game process. None of this, though, really detracts from the heart of the game. It’s not quite perfect, but whether you’re an absolute beginner or a driving game fan you’ll find hours of entertainment here.

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