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In the past seven years, developers in Starbreeze Studios has created a film franchise (Riddick chronicles) and the comic series (Dark) video games. In the latest first-person shooter game directory entries, the Swedish independent gamemaker turned an unexpected source of inspiration: another video game. A group has remake rumors flying game from the mark as early as 2010 there. Now the game has been officially released, EA and Starbreeze announced the first transfer station into a trailer shooter title.
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In a way, the trailer may remind Edios Group of Montreal recently announced Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Group centers around the machinery to enhance the human, especially in the world who have their brain chips, the chip allows the company to control their majority. Of course, as a shooter, and the Group looks great, the trailer could be a game, harkened back to the original source of the problem hope the fans are disappointed. Although, unfortunately, the game will not be some hope, the group still looks like it could be a competent shooter, and the title of one of the better, early next year.
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Do you think the re-start the group?

Starbreeze Studios transformed into a futuristic first person shooter of 18-year-old real-time strategy game group. In the new title, the player's task is brandishing weapons and invasion to opponents' minds, rather than directed by a team of mechanical devices to sustain life, and as a player in the original group, property owned by the publisher Electronic Arts.
Group product reviews .. the game details, platforms and release date confirmed
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If you are a game back in 1993, you may remember a game, which caused a bit contreversay so-called Group, recently confirmed by EA, the game is developing a new group - now we know what it is about the platform, when What game would arrive is all about.

We can confirm that the group plan is February 21, 2012 release, it will come to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows Starbreeze Studios working on the guy - which means that if you like Outforce, knights temple enclave, Riddick Chronicles: Escape Butcher Bay, Riddick chronicles the dark or: attack on Dark Athena, you may want to group ..

Full details of the game is unknown, you can see the game's plot, here, to conclude that it is set in the 2069 chip and civilians have been planted as a group, "large companies do - you as the Wan Li Jiluo, Eurocorp The latest prototype agent to play, and games require you through the journey that involves revenge and corruption.

In games, it is a first person shooter, but you have to take more than just weapons of the enemy, the game mechanics to upgrade hackers, which will allow you to control your side of the digital world, you can slow down time.
Although the short journey, the group proved to be a killer fast-paced, multi-tasking experience. Although perhaps not on the market from other FPSes outstanding as the team behind the game are willing to believe that it reshape a favorite cult classic, and is expected to flesh out the idea of ​​how technology can quickly become invasive, political and business problems in our futuristic living. All criticism aside, this is always an interesting topic again. Looking for games, its North American release on February 21.syndicate pc
Game is said to be a cross-correlation between the elements of first-person shooting game "Crysis" Mass Effect clean science-fiction world - we are particularly pleased to hear, will have four player cooperative multiplayer. At GameSpy you can find more than a little.
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In the art electronics trade show in Las Vegas, said, "We're just out of the darkness" Starbreeze CEO Mikael Nermark week. "As an independent studio, one of our primary tasks is to find something new to do, we try to sell our own things, we're talking about to some different people, and when we talk about electronic art, this practice the idea of ​​a new group here. "

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