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The Ace Combat series was one of the most played games when the series made its debut into the gaming world. Receiving endless praise from fans and critics alike. Now the series is making a return with Assault Horizon and Namco Bandai are looking to captivate what made the franchise so successful. There's nothing like waiting till the last minute to announce your game has a cooperative mode.  That's just the case for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which has finally announced the details of its cooperative mode after months of speculation.  Just how close to release are we for the game?  It's out next week.ace combat 3
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Ace Combat: Assault Horizon will feature an online co-op mode for up to three players through eight missions that are taken from the campaign and optimized for co-op.  That means co-op objectives, harder enemies, and plenty opportunities for team work.
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The co-op mode also offers to unique gameplay elements, or at least, versions of gameplay elements designed for co-op.  In Dog Fight Mode (DFM) - multiple players can move in close to a target and engage DFM to gain a tactical advantage - the more players engaging in the mode the more damage will be inflicted. There are two broad categories of flight combat games. First, the simulators: serious, sedate and rewarding only for the most dedicated players. At the other end of the spectrum are the arcade aeronautical romps: equal parts accessible and excessive, with scant regard to realism. Precisely midway between those two forms is the long-running and highly regarded Ace Combat series, which returns with Assault Horizon.  ace combat pc , ace combat 7, ace combat games,  ace combat wiki
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