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rage against
rage against, rage against machine, rage comics, robot rage , all the rage , ratm, streets of rage, raging bull, rage ign, rage the game, how does “Rage” stand on its own two dirty feet? The majority of the game’s players will jump right into the single-player campaign and be immediately impressed by the look of the game. Visually, “Rage” is striking and I simply don’t understand any complaints about the environments when it comes to graphics. The story takes place over a large expanse of a ravaged planet and it feels dense, like something unusual is happening just over the horizon or past that mountain in the distance. As for close-quarters, there’s a bit of repetition in the debris-strewn locations that you scavenge for most of the game and I longed for more variety in the enemies (but when hasn’t then been true in modern shooters of late) but I just as often marveled at the depth of the locations.  An asteroid impacted Earth in 2029. Some 100 years later, you emerge from cryogenic stasis into a wasteland. Now you have to survive. The developers at id Software do a great postapocalyptic world. Rage is fully realized and wonderfully detailed, even if the music, especially during combat sequences, is mindless and repetitive. This is a first-person shooter that shifts to a third-person perspective when you’re driving vehicles. And racing around the wasteland is very much a part of this game. As you play through the story you take on missions for various factions, which makes it difficult not to compare Rage to 2009’s Borderlands. The games share many features, including finely tuned controls, but where Rage differs, and excels, is in the skill of the enemies. As is becoming a very common trend with the current-generation software, RAGE plays as a FPS with light role-playing game (RPG) elements. It’s more FPS than Borderlands and less RPG than Fallout 3, but it’s also a bigger world than both. In that respect, it’s also a more believable world than both, and not just because it outclasses them visually in every respect. Players will obtain new equipment and weaponry by completing missions given to them by non-player characters (NPCs) in the world, as well as finding them while attempting to complete those same missions. Playing will find that the missions evolve within one another, unwinding as you encounter new faces with which to interact. If NPC A wants you to get something that NPC B is in control of, you can almost guarantee that NPC B is going to want something from you too. hat's what its mission statement might say. But it appears the company's latest release, Rage, is not up to snuff. All over id's forums and game websites around the Web, gamers are complaining about graphical problems with the game on their PC.rage against machine

Curiously, it does not appear to be an issue with those playing the console version of Rage. Could it be that id is now slipping into the convention of catering to the console audience? It is, after all, a much more lucrative market these days. "Rage" takes place in the sort of post-disaster wasteland that has become a bit of a cliche. In 2029, the hero was put into suspended animation before an asteroid struck Earth. When he awakens centuries later, the surface has been overrun by bandits, mutants, cannibals and other miscreants.

In an earlier id game, your goal would be simple: Kill `em all. Indeed, "Rage" doesn't skimp on opportunities to fill your enemies with lead. You can run screaming into a firefight, flinging grenades and automatic weapons fire every which way. Or you can take a more cautious approach, taking out foes one-by-one with well-placed sniper bullets.
robot rage

While the weapons do not get overly exotic, they are well differentiated. A shotgun has a beefy kick to it, while a rapid-fire machine gun is more difficult to control. You can also build turrets and sentry robots, which become valuable sidekicks when foes become too much for your lone gunman.

There are only a few enemy types, but they come after you in many ways. Some kill from afar. Some heavily armored guards march relentlessly toward you. And the most agile mutants jump you en masse. The animation and artificial intelligence are terrific, making all your antagonists seem like living (and dying) creatures with their own unpredictable attack patterns. Rage looks the part and it plays very well, but it's littered with kinks and quirks that may strike contemporary shooter players as, at best, odd and at worst, horribly out of date.
Rage is a decidedly mixed affair. It isn't perfect, some of it feels quite antiquated, and it is by no means the high-water moment in the FPS genre that Doom and Quake were in their day. But it is still a very eye-catching and incredibly fun shooter, and in its best moments, it can't be matched for pure entertainment value.
Why, for example, is there no checkpoint system? Why can't players pick up the weapons of their victims when they can loot their bodies? Why, given id Software's legacy with regards to the online deathmatch is there no competitive shooter multiplayer mode? And who thought it was a good idea to place the biggest and best boss battles in the middle of the storyline? Easter Eggs rooms in Rage with their 1996 first person shooter, Quake. Find out below how you can enter the Quake room with our written Rage Easter Egg guide, we even included a video guide for those who need extra help.
all the rage

Then there's the issue of the game's level design that recycles environments and enemies, and really deflates the experience in the final stages – the ending is abrupt, unimaginative and abysmal. The story isn't up to much, either; while the post-apocalyptic world of Rage is filled with imaginative environments and interesting, larger-than-life characters, the plot chugging along underneath it all doesn't really go anywhere.

By the time the end credits roll, there's no sense of resolution to be had. Before this happens, players spend all their time picking up fetch quests from NPCs, which mostly involve driving somewhere, shooting some enemies and collecting an item or two.

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