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New Scarlet Spider Review 2012

Scarlet Spider is pretty simple and straightforward as far as Marvel's current books go, but Chris Yost proves there's plenty of room for that sort of thing in the Spider-Man franchise. Yost wraps up his short introductory arc by establishing Kaine's new role in the Marvel U. He does it with a minimum of fuss and no filler. Other new series could learn a thing or two from this approach.

Kaine's first new rogue, Salamander, doesn't prove to be especially deep or complex. He's mainly a physical threat for Kaine. But what Yost does manage in the extended fight sequence is to illustrate how the reluctant hero differs from Peter Parker. Not just in the sense that he continues to wrestle with his responsibilities,

but in terms of his more brutal fighting style and disregard for civilians. These scenes are all expertly handled by Ryan Stegman. Stegman's work reaches almost Ed McGuinness levels of exaggerated characters and bombastic visuals. He's an artist born to draw Spider-Man, regardless of which character is actually wearing the costume.

Yost does begin building up a supporting cast for Kaine by the end of the issue in addition to laying out the book's general direction. The only complaint here is that Kaine seems to take his cues from Toby Maguire when it comes to keeping his mask on around norms.

After two issues, the series is already well established, and Yost and Stegman have done their part to make the Spider-Man franchise one of the most consistently enjoyable in the industry.

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