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Black is one of the best xbox console

Black tries to be an action film frantic and often succeeds. The action does not stop at any time, the enemies surround us and attack us constantly, and rarely have to release the trigger to worry about ammo or not to make too much noise. And when you pull the trigger see what happens, because the stage dynamically reacts to bullets, these are not limited to stay "marked" on it with the typical texture overprinted, ravage it will cause reactions that can naturally be used to end enemies.

Black history is somewhat superficial and is told as a flashback, in an interview between a government official and soldier protagonist of the action. The kinematics of this examination are real image with a style reminiscent of shows like CSI, being quite striking, although the game does not focus at all in history. These cinematic attempt to disguise the complete lack of history in the game, something that Criterion had warned that would focus solely on the action.

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