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Saints Row The Third: Wild, thug and better than ever

 Although born in the shadow of the Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row was able to play your cards right: the contemporary sandbox gameplay itself traces of humor added more punk, more laps past the Rockstar franchise. This vandalism was suspected in the first installment, exclusively for Xbox 360, while the 2 is unleashed. I say "broke", but if you play Saints Row: The Third will see that you had not seen anything yet, Volition's madness knows no bounds. Although in terms of The Third argument can be put on a "but" at the level of playability and fun this is a quality title, a guilty pleasure worth playing and enjoying.
In Saints Row: The Third things do not look happy for the Saints, the group of criminals protagonists of the series. This time the bad guy-what is wrong with that, because we only have saints name, is Loren Phillipe, a powerful capo trick that after our group wants unreasoning, have lost power over the city of Steel port to then controlled by them. But nothing is impossible Saints and begin a war in which Loren will cross with other organized criminal gangs in the city. Impossible missions, shootouts, explosions, kidnappings, robberies and many twists of pot are what awaits us in The Third.

As in previous Saints Row, The Third has everything you expect in a sandbox. Thus, the character will develop the main missions, but also has many secondary activities to be undertaken and a vast city to explore on foot, by car, bike, or why not, standing on a tank, a helicopter or a waste truck .

Saints Row: The Third is a game where everything happens in a big way, and if other titles, plus Rockstar style, action and spectacular crescendo going missions in this game, from the very beginning, you will be flying planes , skyscraper jumping, attacking rival a den or visiting S & M club. Volition knows that we like too, that what we want is fun, unpretentious, and all this leads to the limit in this title.
The free scan has no limitations, and is very easy to end up messing on any street, having run over a dozen people and trapping many others head. But Saints Row: The Third does not look for realism, and unless the police directly attacks this happen oblivious to your misdeeds. Unforgivable in another game, here is rewarding, and that is designed for you to make the crazy things you like and do not feel bad about it, given the past treatment of revolutions in history.
Regarding secondary activities, are the classic of the saga. No shortage of activities to destroy public property, trafficking in drugs, stolen vehicles, pimping prostitutes ... Well, as normal in the world in a franchise like Saints Row. In addition, again becomes important the ability to recruit bandmates and fighting with rival gangs to take over districts, and businesses buy buildings for profit without giving stick to water.
The Third also has some of the most interesting developments, such as gymkhana descacharrante-by-call somehow Prof. Genki, an adult version, desmadrada and deadly style program Humor Amarillo.

Another novelty of this Saints Row are enhancing features which give hints roleros to adventure. Thus, the way up the level of respect-which is earned performing tasks and activities successfully, you unlock upgrades that are purchased with money. Take less time to regain your health, have more capacity to store ammunition, making cars more resistant or improve the characteristics of your band, which is useful in the game.

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