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Dead or Alive 5: Struggle of girls for the first time on PS3

 Hitomi had long and company wore clothes not fighting for a home console. Far From Dead or Alive 4 Xbox 360, girls and boys DoA had not returned to make an appearance except deliveries laptops such as the recent DoA Dimensions 3DS. The wait is over: this year comes Dead or Alive 5 for Xbox 360 and PS3 for the first time after years since the last delivery of desktops. With a brand combat mechanics of the house and a cast of classic characters, the big news this DoA are some scenarios much more alive and interactive and that while some girls are still very cute are more athletic and less air than previously .
In what little has been seen to date, Dead or Alive 5 retains the combat mechanics well known by fans of the franchise. Punching, kicking and grappling are almost all with a single button, this combat system being much softer than the strength of SF or Tekken. Not to miss certain combos that although some players are pure mash buttons also require dedication.

This will become more important DoA counterattack and locks. Some of them are made with a single button and be very practical, especially if we consider that preserves the 3D motion system, allowing you to dodge blows in all directions. But the big news of Dead or Alive 5 is another.

No more static scenarios and cardboard: the places of fighting Dead or Alive 5 have much life. Each stage will be full of interactive elements: you can use in your fight or destroy them, which will make the "stages" are somewhat changing. For example, you rush your enemy on a tank explosive, or rescue a broken pipe to make a lot of damage. The way to interact with the scenario will be varied. For example, at certain times should hold the trigger to charge an attack that will launch your enemy to the walls and then initiate a Quick Time Event.
Interaction with the stage not only helps to attack, but also to defend themselves. Certain elements of scene will be useful for cover or jump over them and avoid an attack of your opponent.

This mechanism in which not all hitting and defense gives melee Dead or Alive 5 a spirit that goes beyond the classic fighting game, bringing it closer to the action games.

Since he still has development time to Dead or Alive 5 still remain to meet many of its protagonists. By now we know that on the side of the guys are going to be Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden's protagonist) and Hayate, and in the girls can not miss the usual protagonists, Hitomi, Ayane and Kasumi. In addition, they will receive guest stars as Akira Yuki, one of the stars of the Virtua Fighter series from SEGA.
The modeling of all these characters and their animations look very detailed, but you will notice slight differences in design, especially on the female side. Although Ayane, Hitomi and company will be as attractive as usual, their bodies are more athletic and stylized in the past, where there were many who seemed silicone breasts. Do not worry, Dead or Alive 5 is going to be full of curves, but say that this time will be healthier and more natural curves and less air.

Scheduled for September 2012 Dead or Alive 5 is the return to the larger one of the most beloved sagas of struggle by fans. In addition, we smell that will not be the only game in the series coming soon. With the imminent arrival of Wii U do not be surprised to see a version of DoA, nor will it strange that the series debut in PS Vita, because the view is that fighting games look and play very well in the portable Sony.

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