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Airport Tower Simulator 2012 Game Description

Did you ever want to take on the role of air traffic controllers and air traffic control to an international airport? Then the Airport Tower Simulator 2012 is an absolute must for you!

Accept the responsible post in the Tower, and coordinate via radio approaching and taking off aircraft. And the machines on the ground need your instructions to get safely to the runway or the terminal. Do you work as efficiently as possible and use tools such as your radar to ensure smooth clearance, since only short waiting times on the ground, and the timely and safe handling of aircraft, you get points.

Enjoy the view from your tower: Airport Tower Simulator 2012 includes many different animated and detailed aircraft models that you can look through your telescope up close. In addition, you also have the option to switch into the cockpits of pilots.

But beware! Over time, will increase the traffic volume and will be your task more challenging. If planes collide on the ground or an air goes into the air from the fuel at all, so he's emergency landing, her career ended. But do not worry: thanks to the memory function, you can start your mission at any time.

The Airport Tower Simulator 2012 offers pleasing 3D graphics and a realistic day-night cycle. In addition to the scenarios pre-Airport Tower Simulator 2012 contains an airfield editor that allows you to share your own missions and airports together and exchange even with other players.
Good luck in the Tower!

Features Airport Tower Simulator 2012

Coordinate air traffic controller air traffic as a major international airport
Use realistic tools such as radar or 3D Tower perspective, including binoculars
See the aircraft during landing and take-off
Cockpit view of the aircraft
Many detailed animated aircraft types
Free play with increasing difficulty
Editor for creating your own scenarios and airports, which can be exchanged with other players

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