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Anno 2070 game description

Anno 2070 is the sequel to the award-winning and award-winning Anno 1404. Anno 2070 but no further development of typical point: The new old is bold, otherwise, leave the beaten track and is doing so little, the series rarely do commercially successful. While others - especially in the category of first-person shooter and football - make do with annual updates to bring the improvements in the (small) detail, Related Designs breaks with the entire look of his most successful track and starts again.

Brand new? Not quite. For the Meachnik is broadly known, so if you have played one of the last Anno, who found your way around. Very faithful to you anyway, because of conflict over the nature, how to win power, and operates, is new. Finally, forcing the makers of the gamblers not to act as a "good", but also allow it, to drive over-exploitation of the environment - if you are aware of the consequences. This sums Related Designs on a very topical, very critical issue. Alone is to be regarded as a clear break with the tradition of the series, has finally been dealt with Anno all, not only with currently debated topics. Now the possibility of the presence of criticism about a science fiction scenario is to practice, not new, but in literature and film as known classical approach. Want to point the finger at the abuses makers still do not - that their statements. Eden is the additional content as well as financial Kriese is now in a complete package.

Anno 2070 features

Entirely new setting for the future
The largest islands, which were ever in the Anno series
Three exciting factions: Tech, Eco, tycoons
Complete new production chains, such as robotic factories, oil refineries, diamond mines
Trade in new goods: Soy, tea or communicators
Brand new vehicles on the water and wait in the air.
Explore the transportation system of the future and create a powerful economy.

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