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Auto Club Revolution: Driving report from the open beta

Modest, dime a dozen, rip-off - free online fighting games, especially amongst avid gamers with violent, sometimes entitle times unjustified prejudices. "Auto Club Revolution" of course not relieve the entire genre, but for the title of Eutechnyx do not fit those patterns of thought. As grotesque as it sounds: Do not put off by the fact that "ACR" is free, if you feel like virtual racing simulations.

Experts at work
The history of the developer shows that he knows something about racing games. "Ferrari - The Race Experience" and "Supercar Challenge" does indeed hardly a gambler in the same breath as "Gran Turismo 5" shine and "Forza Motorsport 4", but in one important respect the Eutechnyx title: the driving physics. So the first few laps to feel comfortable in "ACR" with the Opel Corsa OPC for connoisseurs of the games mentioned familiar.
But first things first: The Brand from Rüsselsheim is the first car in your garage - a gift from Eutechnyx to register. More cars, one for each service class earn you experience points (XP) you earn in races against other players or the time trial. In addition to the XP exist in the "ACR" world two currencies: the fictitious credits and points resembling the Microsoft E-Bucks. You'll take the former as XP as a reward for your achievements at the helm, The latter is only for real money.

Small and big investments
Who donated cars than the other would have standard cars, must take up e-Bucks. The prices range from around one euro for a Mini John Cooper Works up to almost 16 € for a Bugatti Veyron. For embellishments such as new wheels or paintwork Eutechnyx also requires e-Bucks, is only a few pieces of it against credits. With performance upgrades you can choose whether you use real money or credits. This keeps the equality guaranteed by the wayside. According to the power of your vehicle, the game assigns a VPR number. This is important if you are hosting a race: you can select which classes of vehicles are allowed to start with what VPR values. The driving aids allowed to specify, then you decide on a route. LA River is in beta, the only fictional course, Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone and the Infineon Raceway, the authentic options.

Beta diseases
And here the problems start. As you navigate the browser by sending menus, running in the background, a client who comes into action when you crash in a race program currently teilnehmen.Das small but happy at times. Many a race is over before it begins. But even if you are on the line, "Auto Club Revolution," noted the beta status. Often bucking the competitors beside you hover over the asphalt, producing unnatural sounds hooking - this is partly a question of delay and the call quality.

Lots of potential
Eutechnyx get the problem under control, there are at present not much to find fault. Only the level of detail of the cars up to a comparison to
Was not full price titles. All
Racing Club Car Revolution: Bugatti Veyron © Eutechnyx

The Bugatti Veyron is also virtually a costly affair.
other looks very appealing. The engine sounds and noises such as squealing tires and shifting sound tired. In collisions, it crashes properly, damage, take the vehicles in the beta but not.

Sledgehammer and scalpel
In billiards, you should set itself, finally, both beginners and experienced pilots cavort in the field of riders. The latter drive fast and fair, as for example in "iRacing" is commonplace. Newcomers pay little heed to the labels: bump and firings are commonplace. Desirable a feature that separates amateurs from professionals is, with more modes, racing with up to eight players and solo time trials are currently everything.

Conducive to good quality
The best moves are "Auto Club Revolution" with a steering wheel and pedals. Although it hooks on some models with force-feedback support, but the problem is likely to do in the final version. Who does not have a steering wheel, you need a good gamepad. The reason: Unlike the Opel Corsa OPC forgive faster cars like the Mazda RX-7 crude handling of the gas and brake. Analog buttons are required.
With the keyboard you are not yet far to enjoy the great driving experience. This gives you perfect speed and acceleration. The hunt makes for fun thousandths of a second. Why you need it without the assistance of sector times, remains the secret of the developers.

Impression: Auto Club Revolution
The online racing simulation of Eutechnyx has a lot of potential. If you hunt on the way to the fastest time, makes "car club revolution" really fun. The ride and presentation are of high quality. Off the slopes, the elegant web interface impresses with many functions. But the title carries with him a few problems: running, especially in multi-player racing is not "ACR" around. The developer must change the essential to the final version. Without the races against other car lovers, the game - as now - not enough motivation and content.

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