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Darksiders 2 - Death Lives: Where war is raging, is not remotely death

The fourth horseman of the apocalypse is at his brother - and how! Experience the end of the world into 'Darksiders 2 - Death Lives "from a new perspective. Who has turned the clock? The second part of "Darksiders" is contrary to expectation, not a sequel, but runs with little time lag largely parallel to the predecessor from.

However, the developers tell the story this time from a different perspective - an interesting approach. The player takes on a new character. Remember: In the previous mixes on the first apocalyptic horseman War, the game world. At "Darksiders 2" is the main character's brother's death, the fourth horseman. Gets wind of the fact that the high council of war accused wrongly, to have triggered the apocalypse premature.

New military equipment
So he moves to restore the honor brother. And this the hard way, as evidenced in his luggage: There is, for example, a monumental stone hammer, without a doubt an impressive device - and still only secondary weapon for the less serious cases. Genuine concern for and against death puts a huge double crescent on the skin. At least here it is clear why death is popularly known as the Grim Reaper. In the game, he makes this all the epithets of honor. As he writes in the few well-known scenes of the mighty blade with a light hand lead that has style.
In stark contrast to his brutish brother war moves Grim Reaper as an artist - and that not only offers advantages in battle. The vast cave systems that you explore the vast game world, you confront with numerous climbs that are reminiscent of the series "Prince of Persia". In the preliminary version of the game but the climb was irritated because of small inaccuracies and camera problems.
Almost completely thrilled the many battles against monsters: Many attacks connect easily to long combo chains, at the end only a small pile of ash left over from the adversary. Stubborn is the huge raid bosses, which usually require a special tactic.

In general pace and take action when compared to the first "Darksiders" part to strong. At the same time more RPG elements are used. In the game world, which is growing at nearly four times the size, in numerous side missions to earn experience points and distribute them to preferred talent. Also equipment for personal use or as a commodity you can find anywhere - there is no lack of variety also.

Individually and brutally
Rule of thumb the developers: After a good hour to mark the grim reaper as individual players that no other "Darksiders" gamer competes with a similar figure. Thus, the number of possibilities is enormous, the appearance, equipment, weapons and combat techniques develop to personal taste.
Prognosis: Darksiders 2 - Death Lives

There is currently plaguing the game a couple of problems that can not find a better way into the finished product: the bitchy camera angle and the imprecise collision detection making, especially in the climbs much trouble. The predecessor can be topped but obviously loose. The designers turn to all kinds of screws extensiveness, game depth, speed, graphics and variety make significant gains. Also impressive are the perfect sophisticated combat system, and an expansive game world in which there is to discover an incredible amount. The predecessor was a surprise hit. And Part 2 has the makings Abraumer.

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