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Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliance: Beta Battle Report

"Command & Conquer - Tiberium The conflict" is considered one of the originators of real-time strategy genre and laid the foundation for a successful franchise. 16 years and some later offshoot, brought "Tiberian Twilight" saga surrounding the series antagonist Kane to a conclusion. The publisher Electronic Arts has not, however, it decided not to publish more games from the Tiberium universe. The latest blow: the free browser game "Command & Conquer - Tiberium Alliance". COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE has played the beta of the strategy game, and reports from the front.
"Tiberium Alliance" is not a real-time strategy game. Rather, the title of the German developer Phenomic presented as a classic online game - only presented visually appealing than most of the competition. While superficially so radar dishes turn, collectors continue to Tiberium fields or factory chimneys smoke, mathematical formulas to calculate under the hood, much like your basic raw materials produced in the hour. An influence on what happens on the screen you do not have. You can only determine whether your stock is at level 13 or 14 and thus holds 200,000 or 250,000 units Tiberium. Even in battle, it looks like this: You can assemble your army, your army post on a 4x9 grid and squares that give the attack command. Then you look at the battle - while in the background in mathematics will decide how much damage the level 13 flying in the fight against the Level 11 anti-aircraft increases.
 "Tiberium Alliance" is free in its basic version. Do you want something faster progress through the game and not wait for hours until the resources are available for a new building or an upgraded version available, you take real money in your hand and buy so-called Play4Free funds. This applies to all game currency Free EA titles - also for "Battlefield Heroes" or "Need for Speed ​​World". In "Tiberium Alliance" They buy up additional resources. For a small syringe of raw materials to pay for 129 funds - the equivalent of about ten cents. Thus, players with a thick wallet not too much advantage over gamers who want to invest any money, the use of such aids is limited. On average there are about ten of these backups per day. To reduce the benefits of the use of even more money, there are certain elements in the game that you can not buy (such as research points). This gain only on attacks on other players or computer controlled bases - and here the problems start.
The real advantage in the browser battle, namely not have the player with the big money, but with the necessary time. In the current state is "Tiberium Alliance" not for gamers who want to watch every few days after your base. Will almost certainly find your virtual home in ruins. Without the necessary time investment as it was not possible so your base to discourage an attacker, that shy away from an attack. Your base can be set up at all times while in another place, but your commodity production starts again at zero. So the game less active strategists also punished. Until you meet again after the fact right, it is quite possible that you were attacked again and destroyed. This needs to establish a better balance between attackers and defenders, too little to players not to take the fun.
"Tiberium Alliance" is a solid browser game. No more and no less. A "Command & Conquer" feeling does not develop quite - even if the license is reflected in the designation of the units. Something like back story or motivation for your actions, you search in vain. But that could be seen then criticize a first-person shooter that he only plays the first-person perspective. Still, something more to the makers have been able to come up. The biggest problem currently is the balance between attack and defense. EA should improve not here to lose many players after the umpteenth destroying your base, the pleasure and enjoyment of the game.

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