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The memorable video game villains

What is essential to any heroes? An enemy! Demonic, sadistic or tormented, the villains have always populated the world of video games. Overview of these bad guys.
How about the greatest villains without mentioning the one who embodies in itself the perfect anti-hero, the perpetual enemy of a character no less charismatic? Bowser, in love with Mario's girlfriend, never ceases to kidnap and force the little plumber to run after him ...

Millions of gamers have already faced the king of the Koopa in all the episodes where he appears, usually towards the end of the game, the last obstacle between the Princess of freedom. The unusual design of Bowser, a turtle-like dragon can breathe fire, remains etched in the minds of each player. It is one of the few villains to be as famous as the hero of the title. Its exceptional longevity despite his perpetual defeats there is probably not unrelated.

Little bright but terribly strong, Bowser retains his status as an old enemy found with pleasure, like in the end not so bad, that also combines several times to Mario and his friends in the many games that take place in this fantasy world.
Imagine an arena on fire, small enough to prevent you to dodge enemy attacks. Populate the two warriors to three meters high, who wield weapons larger than themselves and a poor Prince has retained its small dagger. Add to this equation that these opponents are coordinated, sweeping through the arena of large reels and are invulnerable for 95% of the fight. You will get the terrible battle of the twins Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

This confrontation with the insane difficulty is at the end of a chariot race, which has previously emptied the sand reserves the player (used to turn back the clock to repair the damage). Lightning reflexes will be needed to kill the monsters, judge by yourself!
In the series of the most frustrating of bad video games, no doubt that Lou holds a candle to a lot of competition! This horned devil challenges the player to a final duel guitar and here he launches The Devil Went Down to Georgia to the bottom ...

The piece, extremely difficult, even in normal mode, requires to miss as few notes as possible to displace the satyr ... Unfortunately, the guy will not miss him, and no agreement is virtually blocked the maximum score during the whole duel ! Result, it seems to play against Jimmy Hendrix, despite numerous attempts. Add in some very unpleasant penalty that sends you (a broken string, a guitar off ...) and titillate just in the opposite case. So you get one of the most hated boss video game!

This is not so much the difficulty of perpetual duel that this impression that the computer cheating that has disgusted many. Nervous and anxious to abstain, the satyr has broken more than a guitar! And oh, if you can until the end of the song ... it is he who wins! Yes, again.

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