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The secret of Forza MotorSport unveiled

The developer Turn 10 revealed how the teams worked with the tire manufacturer Pirelli to develop the best video game physics engine!

We have never been disappointed with Forza MotorSport even to the point of thinking that the fourth installment dethroned without problem the last episode of uninspiring Gran Tourismo. And yes, the word is out ...

One of the main qualities is his Forza physics engine that provides truly exceptional sensations. This is why Microsoft does not hesitate to unveil a video to explain how they reached such a level.
The developer Turn 10 has, indeed, had the opportunity to work with teams of Pirelli (tires, no schedules, we understand well the above!) To study the load resistance and the consequences of changes temperature on adhesion.
Dan Greenawalt, creative director of the game, said he had really considered the study of tires as a major determinant for the success of a realistic physical model. And six months after leaving the game, we can only approve of this game became the reference.

In addition to the video below, remember that a pack of new cars was unveiled last month including a superb Aston Martin (for fans of Goldfinger), and a Ferrai Automobili Nissan GTR 2012.

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