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Claimed to body and cries by many players, the PC version of Dark Souls became a reality last week. Its director Hidetaka Miyazaki had even made the trip to Las Vegas to talk about this adaptation and its intriguing new features. Namco Bandai teams certainly watched the grain than it reveals too much at once, but there was still the biscuit snack for fans. Like Skyrim or both Witcher, Dark Souls signed the comeback of the Western-inspired dark fantasy world of role play. If it has not exactly met with the same commercial success as evidence of Bethesda and CDProjekt, the second episode of the series initiated by Demon's Souls was still able to flow more 1, 5 million units across the globe in three weeks, according to figures from the publisher. A much deserved success that surprising for a game as demanding, whose philosophy goes completely counter to the maximum accessibility and intense gossip. Intrigued by the dark aura and light construction of the security, PC enthusiasts have given voice to also get lost in the world Lordran. "Even if we do not doubt the potential of Dark Souls, we were pleasantly surprised by its success, as the petition," admits Daisuke Uchiyama, producer at Namco Bandai.
Thus teams From Software - led by director Hidetaka Miyazaka - have been ordered a port, that can not wait much longer as it was promised for August 24, boxed as download. The issue of distribution platforms is still under discussion, but we already know that the online portion will be subject to the use of Games for Windows Live to help manage the netcode. However, it will be impossible to cross the 360 ​​adventurers, again not to delay the release of PC. Similarly, a configuration keyboard / mouse will be proposed, but Miyazaki still strongly advised to take the handle for comfort, the game was designed for this type of grip at the start. To avoid altering the balance of the game, the backups will be in hand as might be expected prohibited. On questions of optimization of frame rate, increasing the display resolution and bug fixes over iterations running on consoles, they will be considered by developers, even if we understood the lines in About the director that the deadlines for this adaptation would be unlikely to perform miracles.
Adding content to this Edition Prepare to Die nevertheless gave extra work to the studio, whose idea is to travel the player in the past in order to thicken the background of fragmented Dark Souls. "It will be possible to transport his avatar at the time of Artorias, a renowned knight we hear a lot about, but it never crosses in the original game," said Miyazaki. "We can cross this mythical character and better understand its history and that of three other legendary knights: Hawkeye Gough, Kallian and Ornstein." In order not to recycle stupidly places already on consoles, new areas - three for now, which ruins and a tomb - filled with enemies, bosses and NPCs also unpublished were modeled. Unfortunately, the short presentation of the PC version still work in progress remained confined to the Shrine of Fire Lige and ultimately showed fewer new elements that the trailer released last Wednesday. It was just treated to an overview of equipment Artorias (long sword with a spin attack, two curved blades and a whole demonic armor / helmet dark), and the appearance of an NPC in the name kept secret, wearing a cloak, a Venetian inspired masks, a giant fork and a crossbow.
These special equipment and those other characters or enemies as they can be expected to be recovered by the player under certain conditions. Miyazaki has nonetheless decided to keep the mystery about how we will access the era of Artorias, although it should be inserted in a credible scenario, much like the world of paint already on consoles. The latest addition to the program for PC gamers will come to the party line, with special areas facilitating the confrontation between players, without challenging the intelligent system ground marking and random encounters in the rest of the game and for those who wonder if all these additions will be available for download on PS3 and Xbox 360, the producer as well have the director insisted that they could not say anything about it yet. All hope is not lost, especially given the fervor of Namco Bandai for the DLC.

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