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We suspected: the surprise success of Borderlands in 2009, called a suite and Gearbox has not been reluctant to fulfill the long time wish of many, by addressing the development of Borderlands 2.

Presented for the first time in the last gamescom, the title looked good for walking in the footsteps of his illustrious elder. An impression that we have confirmed a few hours of play in coop, joystick in hand, at a recent presentation of the game
For these two hours of getting started, taking place on two levels we were shown Pandora, the objective being of course to spread the diversity of scenery Borderlands 2, away from the ubiquitous desert the first episode. The reserve level and took place in rocky environments, sometimes punctuated by concrete buildings acting as factories and aggressive populated by robots. In Cave, more oppressive, large Skinned golems guarding the entrance of a complex abandoned, the feet immersed in acid lakes.
In both cases, we knock out many enemies falling on the saddle form the bulk of the program, the regular appearance of various objectives is often an excuse not able to show us the way forward - even though we are promised that some of our choices will affect the sequence of events. But Borderlands obliges it by cleaning the powder will not happen anyhow, and certainly not with anything. For this second episode, Gearbox still seems to have pushed a little further the system of random generation of weapons, with eight manufacturers specificities clearly marked. Take a shotgun Tediore, for example, it is an opportunity to throw it in the faces of his opponents (and recover a by teleportation) every time you want to reload. Torgue the sniper rifle, it will have the kindness to send an explosive ordnance to each of his shots. As for the arsenal out of the factories Jakobs, deliciously retro-look, it will benefit fans of Track & Field, as its rate of fire to encourage bourrinage manual buttons.
One of the small pleasures of part 2 of Borderlands will be falling, by dint of his opponents and burst with a small dose of luck on the ultimate weapon, one that manages to combine a good firepower with a correct rate of fire, while offering more than three rounds per magazine - or, more simply, to fall on the weapon that best suits our style of play short, the simple pleasure of loot. The random generation of weapons has not only advantages and hence coming regularly subject themselves to a fairly radical sort among all popguns that are sure to accompany the bodies of our victims. But Gearbox is not his first FPS, and once the right weapon in hand, feeling joystick in hand are proving excellent and challenging at times, holding among co-op - the resistance of the enemy being increased, we ' doubt, based on the number of players in the game.
Naturally, Borderlands also includes two class system of the first episode, but replacing the four original characters (Brick, Lilith, Roland and Mordecai, who nonetheless are a few appearances as NPCs) with four new zigues each fitted with special powers . Maya is the Siren of this new component, with the main power the ability to levitate an enemy and the "lock", before the imposition of various abuses. More powerful, stronger, more brief nag, held the role of Salvador Défourailleur (Gunzerker in VO) and as such will benefit from one mode akimbo, ie the ability to hold two weapons in its arsenal to sprinkle handfuls of lead his surroundings - while yelling sadistic history. These two classes were the focus of our two hours of getting started and they both make a rather different approach to gameplay already effective at the base.
The other two classes, unfortunately inaccessible during our test session, should also offer other ways to break out around us: the Commando, for example, can deploy various types of turrets, defensive or offensive. As for the Assassin, it may invoke a hologram to lure enemies to explode if necessary and make himself invisible. Inevitably, all these capabilities (and the various attributes of hero, health, damage ...) can be improved and refined through an ad hoc skill tree, which is again heavily loaded with passive skills. In short, this game session reassured us about the qualities of the series intact, and fidelity of this new episode of the original. But Gearbox warning obviously still a little on the elbow and we wait with impatience for future presentations of the game to learn a little more real news of the game, on the solo - and the new vehicle behavior, absent from these sessions coop.

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