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Minecraft has quietly passed the four million mark in sales

Description: Minecraft is one called "sandbox game" for Xbox 360, which allows the user to shape the world around in the only limits to his imagination. This Xbox 360 version is compatible with the motion detector Kinect.
Publisher: Mojang
Developer: 4J Studios
Type: Creation
France Released: May 9, 2012
Support: Xbox Live Arcade


    Unless you have spent the last 5 years at the other end of the galaxy, you've probably heard of the phenomenon Minecraft. Game "sandbox" par excellence in which it is appropriate to exploit the resources of his environment to survive and eventually to unleash your creative juices and talents as an architect, and its many facets Minecraft invites himself gradually on.
Dossier "independent game"

    Minecraft is a game literally out of nowhere, but which is nevertheless become the largest, most publicized and best-selling independent games. Minecraft is even a fad, the new credo of PCistes "new wave" and a game cosplay. Why? Probably because its ingenious creator was able to bequeath players the freedom of ultimate game they've always dreamed ...
The creator of Minecraft is often called Notch, but his name is actually Markus Persson. Originally from Sweden, he develops himself in his first real java game, Minecraft, for over a year. The beta web is then sold in 2010, and success is more than up. Notch takes the opportunity to form a studio, Mojang, who will manage the development Minecraft over the long term. At that time, Minecraft has quietly passed the bar of the four million sales in the knowledge that all this time, it was in beta ... Besides its official release on PC, the game is still scheduled on iPhone, Android and XBLA. Parallel, and this is not a surprise, Minecraft has collected all prices imaginable. Between the first prize for best play, best downloadable game and the most innovative game at Game Developers Choice Awards 2011, or the price of the hearing added to three other appointments during the 2011 IGF, Notch must have a shelf busy!
Schematically, Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game. It is dropped into a huge world, since almost infinite randomly generated, and all our possibilities for action are based on the principle of crafting. This means that we can reap any cube of material making up the world (wood, earth, rock and whatnot ...) and then reuse it in any way. Merge it with another material, build a predefined object in the database (shovel, pick, sword, etc..), Construct a building ... The equations are simply endless, so much so that the world would become almost Minecraft credible or intelligent, because each object responds as it should to its environment (fire burns wood, glass breaks, etc..). And yet, all this is only part of the potential of Minecraft.

For one can equally enjoy this solo adventure trying to survive or fight the monsters that come out at night, that play multi player and see the world from someone else. The experiment is then any other, because in addition to completely change the perspective for survival, it is even possible to build real-size cities. Hallucinatory phenomena rather have been seen on the net from the community, ranging from underground systems, submarines and aircraft, very faithful reproductions of cities fictitious or not (not forgetting the famous Jivéville!). With enough patience, courage and imagination, there is plenty to do sublime constructions, which will also play beautiful, because its clusters of pixels does not really make him honor, he must admit . Minecraft retains its charm, and a map with a similar size, it does not spit in the soup.

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