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Dragon's Dogma: A potential highlight Action 2012

Free walk-world smart, on-line component, hard-hitting battles: Capcom's fantasy action convinced when playing.
As a fire-breathing dragon invades your village, panic breaks out. They are brave, alone and armed only with a sword to the attacker, but have not the slightest chance. The dragon pierced you with a claw in the chest, rips your heart out - and eaten it.

The beginning of the epic action game "Dragon's Dogma" is pompous. But even bizarre: even without your central organ as you are well - suited Dragon Hunters - heartless. Your mission is clear: find the dragon to defeat it and get back to your heart.
You will face a long road, marked by action-packed battles. Your custom created character fighting side by side with up to three computer-controlled helpers, known as Pawns. The attendants bring role-playing elements in the action title, because they ensure that each player adventure experienced differently. In the villages and landscapes of the game you hire hundreds of Pawns. They also create your own, or even access the Internet on the helpers of other players.
No AI fighters are the same: the appearance and capabilities differ. In the course of the adventure is evolving the combat escort, gaining experience and enrich the tour group with it.

The online options remain limited to that players make to each other Pawns available. To play together via an Internet connection, either cooperatively or against each other possible. Still comes with the mercenaries of variety into the game: If you give one of your fighters online and let the group go out with a friend, you too can benefit from it. Your helper might return more, clever, maybe even smarter back to you because he learned the correct strategy against powerful opponents.
To avoid losing all the action at the overview, the computer takes over control of your followers, you only control the main character. This works extremely well. As the battles run in real time and are very intense, the game requires intense concentration. There is no battle menus from which you choose in peace attacks, healing, or defense. Instead, loosen attacks by pressing a button in real time to go look for spoken and on-screen instructions, and the combatants are in poor health in the vicinity of a healer.
"Dragon's dogma," says an extensive fantasy story without forcing the player a rigid routine. The adventure is designed as an open-world game: They move freely in an open world. As in the epic Western "Red Dead Redemption," or the "GTA" series to pursue a higher goal - the road is yours.

In "Dragon's Dogma", the game principle is: you can see on the horizon like a dragon attacking a village. It is your decision whether you are rushing to help the people or whether you are left to their fate and move on to other tasks. What is clear is that all your policies and actions affect the development of the story. A stubborn passage with your squad is not expedient. You need good friends and companions who prove themselves as active assistants in battle or as important sources of information.
A very ambitious action game with RPG-bonds and a huge, free walk-in world, the beginner-friendly, precise control and staged pompous is - no question, with "Dragon's Dogma" Capcom has one of the very hot iron for 2012 in the fire.

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