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Darksiders 2: THQ moves

So far, THQ producers was covered, now the cat is out of the bag: From June 2012 you perform death, the second brother of the apocalyptic horsemen and heroes of "Darksiders" in the battle. The agile fighter wants to find out what dark forces have it in for his brother War. Reminder: the mysterious forces have made ​​war for the premature release of the apocalypse responsible and banished him to the ground almost deserted.

The plot of "Darksiders 2" is set parallel to the first adventure and tells the story from the perspective of the second rider. Differences, it should be according to the developers in the first place in the confrontations during the war especially brutal slamming death struggles with great speed and deadly accuracy. The game will be released for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 - and comes out for the Wii U. When "Darksiders 2" on the new Nintendo console, THQ revealed yet.
That the death in "Darksiders 2" in the summer covering the country is well known. Now known manufacturer THQ a specific date: On 26 June 2012 spill of the apocalyptic battle between heaven and hell on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 The start date for the Wii-U version is not yet known, however.

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