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Kinect Star Wars on Xbox 360

Who has not dreamed of wielding a lightsaber and fight with such a weapon? Who has never dreamed of using the Force to move objects? Kinect Star Wars, this is the fantasy of a whole generation of players that LucasArts is preparing to perform. In the shoes of a Jedi, try to revive the cult scenes of the saga in your living room.

Addressed an audience of mostly family, alone in front of the screen or more, here's a game experience unique. You play as the Jedi more, you are the Jedi. But what this game is actually worth?
The title proves to be quite nice overall. The character design does not break bricks but turn out well rendered environments. An example is the race of Podracer on Tatooine, faithfully transcribing the movie of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

It is at the Force and the movements of the characters that the title disappoints. Force, managed in a way too random, does not accurately capture the selected elements. Time to realize his mistake, the player would soon end up in lint if the characters do not wandered with gestures so slow. These give a clear impression of moving to the bottom of a pool.
By observing the world of the saga, Star Wars Kinect allows the player to find all the major themes and music of the film. The immersion gains a great deal, especially since the sound effects and dubbing, good quality, proved equally faithful.
Do not try to relive the saga since the title only offers scenarios parallel to the original story. You find cults nevertheless sequences of films, to the delight of fans. These are in fact not overlooked, as evidenced by the presence of voice when Yoda races Speeder ...

The greatest flaw of the game is primarily being done by the recognition in the Kinect. Sometimes she brings down unpleasantly faulty immersion. Fortunately the game does not really reveal difficult. For each mini mode, it can be adjusted in three levels to be accessible to the whole family.

Between races, beat 'em all, and frenzied dance battles, players can experience many movements. For Kinect Star Wars does have a dance fashion. Kind of bonus, it offers a series of successful music magazines sauce Star Wars.

Overall, the main mode is a bit disappointing, but it remains quite surprised and amused by the rest of the melting pot.
The scenario mode, consisting of 5 mini games, will not hold you in suspense for long. Its five hours of life are complemented by a championship races of similar length and a few unlockables.

A game so nice, to show to entertain her young cousins ​​from an afternoon at home or for your little friends on an evening!
Kinect Star Wars also features a multiplayer for two, consisting of a dual mode and a cooperative mode: a little more friendly but far from extraordinary.
You'll understand that the fans will not be filled, but the game will amply satisfy an audience of casual gamers. Fun little experiment that can satiate your desires of grown children to master the Force and a lightsaber too good, too well, Star Wars Kinect can spend pleasant moments.

Detail has its importance and that will delight all fans of this universe, a version of the game is out with a very special pack Xbox. Your console will be adorned with the colors and designs that remind of one of the little robot R2D2 and the controller will sport the gold color of his accomplice, the cyborg C3PO. A concept really stylish!

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