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Free Day: Frontline Commando

Take action! With Frontline Commando, get started with your eyes closed in one of the best shooters available on free smartphone.
Seasoned soldier in the middle of a civil war, you end up being the sole survivor of a battle against a dictator. A scenario worthy of a basic action movie where you just have only one option: kill all the enemies you meet. You'll face several types of challenges with the aim to eliminate your opponents, you survive by keeping alive in a limited time or incur rescue civilians. For this, we must be precise in his shot, but also important to remain under cover, since you do not control your character completely, but to go into hideout hideout.
Successful missions earn you money and experience. You can imagine, you can with enough of both to improve your equipment by buying weapons more effective. Assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers are available to enrich your arsenal of perfect commando. Bonuses as survival kits or air support can help you pass the levels more difficult. As Frontline Commando is a freemium, the most interesting material is available only agreeing to pay.

Although his script does not shine by its richness, the graphics and handling of Frontline Commando make it a good shooting game in the third person. If you like this type of application, you lose nothing to go download it and test it.

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